10 brilliant kitchen hacks everyone should know

Cooking is a hobby that many people have. And cooking in a modular kitchen is great fun. The reason is that everything is organized and properly arranged in this kitchen setup, making working easy and convenient. Infact lot of time can be saved while working in this kitchen.

Whether you work in smart kitchen or in an ordinary kitchen, there are some tricks and tactics which are used to keep food items and other things in good condition. Knowing these kitchen hacks can not only help in minimizing wastage of the edible items, but at the same time, many food items can be restored for a longer period of time.

Mentioned below are 10 excellent kitchen hacks, which are truly useful:

  1. Keeping ginger and garlic fresh for months - To ensure that ginger and garlic remain fresh for months, using a paper bag can be really helpful. Take a punch machine and create holes in the paper bag. Now put the onions, garlic and shallots in the bag. Fasten the bag with a paper clip for best results.

  2. Get perfectly shredded chicken with stand mixer - Instead of using the fork on boiled chicken for shredding, try this innovative method. Put the cooked and warm chicken pieces in the stand mixer with the paddle attachment. Turn the speed from 4-6 for 20 seconds and have perfectly shredded chicken.

  3. Re-heat old pizza - Use a skillet for re-heating the leftover pizza from last night’s party. The pizza crust is oily and it will help in restoring and retaining the original crispness of the pizza. Great, isn’t it?

  4. Preserve herbs properly - Herbs tend to spoil quickly. Chop the herbs and mix them with olive oil or molten butter. Pour them into ice cube trays for perfect preservation for future days.

  5. Keep bananas fresh - After buying bananas from the market, you always think how long you can preserve them? Well, just wrap the banana crowns with some plastic and see how the bananas remain fresh for the coming 3-5 days.

  6. Tips for storing broccoli and celery - Storing celery and broccoli is quite difficult as they tend to dry up fast. To keep broccoli and celery fresh for a month, wrap them in a foil and store. Wow!

  7. Glass for peeling mangoes - Two concerns for peeling mangoes – whole mango does not get peeled properly and secondly fingers get all sticky. Solution? Use a glass for peeling mangoes and see how cleanly the work gets done.

  8. Keeping potatoes and apples together - Potatoes when kept for few days start sprouting. To avoid this, keep potatoes and apples together. Apples produce ethylene gas and this gas helps in avoiding sprouting in potatoes effectively.

  9. Oiling eggs - Before refrigerating eggs, it is recommended to rub the shells of the eggs with vegetable oil. The eggs remain fresh with the oil and stay well for more 3-4 weeks.

  10. Storing avocado - On cutting avocado, the cut surface turns brown/black due to oxidization. Store avocado with a cut onion as the sulphur from the onion can help in preventing oxidization. Sprinkling apple cider vinegar also works.


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