Ideas for de-cluttering your kitchen

The kitchen in the home is such a place where lots of unwanted things tend to get accumulated even if you are not doing it intentionally. Whether you have a modular kitchen or a simple traditional kitchen, the problem of clutter accumulation is common. In modular setups, the items can be hidden inside the cabinets and the drawers, but they tend to become cluttered as well.

Mentioned below are some of the greatest ideas for de-cluttering the kitchen:

  • Remove items which are not used frequently - Find out items that are hardly used in the kitchen. You will find that the numbers of such items are quite high and they are tucked in here and there all over the place. Take out all these items from the various places and you will notice that considerable amount of space has been created post removing this clutter.

  • Make list of items you need regularly - You must have an idea as how many plates, bowls, spoons, knives, forks, glasses etc you need on regular basis. Keep these items within easy reach and remove rest of the items to some other place. You might have a spare cupboard placed somewhere; stock the less used items there.

  • Hang items instead of placing them on counters - Putting too many things on the counter or inside the cabinets will make the place look jammed and crammed. Instead try hanging the items at various places, say on pantry doors or inside the cabinets. Infact various kinds of hanging organizers are also available from which things can be hung easily making the place look tidy.

  • Storage option between the ceiling and cabinets - Usually in a smart kitchen, there is quite good amount of space left between the cabinets and the ceiling. Put color coordinated boxes in that space and store things inside the boxes. In many places, attractive baskets can also be seen to be placed above the cabinets. Empty containers, bottles, boxes etc can be easily stored in these places.

  • Proper placing of items in the kitchen - Keeping things randomly inside the kitchen will make it look cluttered and crammed. To have an organized kitchen it is recommended to place items in proper place in the kitchen. Make specific zones and divisions in the kitchen for easy arrangement of things. For instance, place pans, pots, pot holders and bake ware near the stove; keep serving items like flatware, dishes, glassware and napkins near the dining table and so on.

  • The flow of the kitchen needs reassessment - Assessing the flow of the kitchen depends a lot on the kitchen interiors and the way the kitchen is designed. It might happen that with little home improvement, you can reassess the flow of the kitchen considerably. Make separate zones for different works and you will find that one job will not intercept the other in any manner. Even in a small kitchen, there will be no clash if too many people are working or are present at the same time.

You might need to struggle initially while trying to de-clutter the kitchen. But if you have a proper plan in mind, de-cluttering the place will not be a problem at all.



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