Life made Easy with These Much Needed Modular Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are what make a kitchen function. Modular kitchens provide the layout and options for storage and efficiency. Modular kitchens are meant to be smart, compact and save you time and energy. However, without the right home kitchen appliances, you are as crippled as before with traditional spaces. Some appliances can even add to the efficiency of modular kitchen designs and some are especially meant to be used with modular kitchens. Here are some modular kitchen appliances you should be investing in:

1. Cooking range

Kitchen Appliances – Cooking range

Investing in a cooking range like kitchen hobs can bring out the best essence of your modular kitchen. They usually include 3 to 4 burners (2 small and 2 large), built in oven and some even come with a grill. High end cooking range is equipped with auto ignition systems making it simpler and easier to cook. The flame features in the oven and the grill depend on the brand you go for.

2. Microwave

Kitchen Appliances – Microwave

It’s not that you need to cook every day. Many Indian families (especially couples with no or single kid) like to cook for the entire week on the weekends. This makes it easier to serve in the weekdays. A microwave still ensures that the food is served hot and warm. Using microwaves, you can do a plenty of things, including special recipes that wouldn’t have been possible over a normal stove or oven.

3. Kitchen sinks

Sinks are an irrefutable part of any modern kitchen. This is where you would be washing your vegetables, cleaning your utensils and washing your hands. It is vital that you choose a size of sink depending upon your personal requirement. The more the volume of food prepared in the kitchen, the more washing required and the bigger needs to be the sink. Sinks come in a wide variety of materials and can compliment the overall décor of the kitchen. Also, make sure that you go for a sink that offers easy plumbing repairs whenever needed. You just cannot afford to keep a dirty sink.

4. Kitchen hoods

Kitchen Appliances – Hoods

Modular kitchen appliances aren’t complete without an overhead hood. Kitchens are the place that is exposed to a lot of soot, moisture and oily grime. Installing hoods will ensure that all this dirt gets sucked away and your kitchen space is kept clean and stain-free. Invest in a hood that delivers long lasting performance and higher capacity.

5. Cook tops for your modular Kitchen

A modern alternative to cooking range comes in the form of cook tops. They can carry a different number of burners, according to the brand and your requirement. However, all cook tops come with auto ignition capacity. The most popular products in this category are induction cook tops.

Apart from the above, there are several kitchen accessories & appliances that will complete a modular kitchen and include dishwashers, barbeque grills, faucets, fryers, and built in ovens. Also ensure that all the kitchen appliances that you buy provide energy efficient features. Make your own appliance list and make the most out of your modular kitchen.



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