Modular kitchen’s Best Color Combinations

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Making the best color choices for your kitchen can sometimes be intimidating, especially when the paint is attached to a big price tag. When making color choices for kitchens, you must understand that is a rather permanent (floor tiling) and expensive (cabinetry) investment. Consequently, you must come up with the right design choice that does duct add to the décor but also attaches a degree of functionality to it. Here are certain color schemes that are advised by interior designers.

Cabinet colors: Kitchen cabinetry takes up almost 50% of the investment if you have a modular kitchen arrangement. Further, cabinets also account for more than 40% of visual space in modular kitchens of any size. This makes cabinets the first thing to make a choice with. For smaller kitchens, light colored cabinetry and wood finishes can work well to enhance the sense of space. Kitchen cabinets can also be integrated with multiple colors to help categorization of space.

Modular kitchen interior design cabinet colors

Color of appliances: The color of the kitchen appliances is best when matched with the color of cabinetry. As points of focus, appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and oven can impact the overall décor scheme. If you have a larger kitchen space, darker colored appliances (cherry red, black, deep blue) can work great with deeper textured cabinetry.

Color of countertops: Modular kitchen interior designing allows the countertops to be placed in the eye level and thus will account for a substantial amount of the visual space. It should either match or be in stark contrast with the color of cabinetry.

Color of floors: As with cabinetry, lighter colored floor tiles enhance spaciousness. On the other hand, if you have a larger room, you can go for darker colored tiles. A unique combination would be black and white checkered tiles, common in kitchens across the globe.

Color of backsplash: Although the kitchen color scheme is nearly complete with the above, backsplash options can either match of conflict with the visual appeal of the space. It would be highly advisable to seek help of an expert in this case.

modular kitchen Interior design

Color of the wall: Largely forgotten, the color on the walls can make or break the overall appeal of kitchens. Depending upon the type of modular kitchen you have, the wall can enhance the liveliness of the space. Green and yellow walls work best. Going for even lighter colors like white is good but maintenance can become a problem.

Color of hardware: Apart from the cabinetry, walls and appliances; you can further compliment the modular kitchen décor by choosing complimenting color for your hardware.

There is a lot of scope for experimenting when it comes to modular kitchen colors. However, make sure your final decision has taken into account a long term scheme. While you can always change color scheme, it can be expensive and more importantly an inconvenience. It should also be noted that the color choice of the modular kitchen should also take into account the type of lighting you plan to install.



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