Modular Kitchen in Mumbai, Bangalore & Rest Metro Cities is Absolutely a Boon!

Space constraint in the kitchen is not a new problem in homes in top metro cities in India. If you are lucky in having your own home or stay in somewhat large apartment, say 3BHK or 4BHK, you can have the luxury of a kitchen, which is spacious. But since this is not the picture of the common man, it became important to find a solution to the problem of working in a small kitchen. This is where modular kitchens came into the picture. The main idea behind the installation of a modular kitchen was maximizing space utilization and increasing storage area in the place. Such kitchens also help in making the place more organized and clutter-free.

Ways of saving space with modular kitchen in Mumbai & Bangalore

Whether you have a modular kitchen in Bangalore, Mumbai or any other metro city in India, the main target is to utilize maximum available space and save space in best manner. Here are some ways in which this is made possible:

Installation of cabinets-

Cabinets are integral parts of any modular kitchen. Right from floor cabinets to wall mounted cabinets, various options are available. You can install cabinets as per your wish and need. These cabinets can store lots of things inside. If you have a small kitchen, you can choose wall cabinets rather than floor cabinets for saving on floor space. The doors of the cabinets can be in sliding fashion or can have knobs for pulling in outwards direction.

Installation of racks and drawers-

You will be amazed to find the varieties of racks and drawers which are available for modular kitchen Mumbai and other metro cities. The easily pull-able racks and drawers help in storing light kitchen utensils like ladles, spoons, knives, forks, other cutlery items, small plates and bowls and similar items. If spices are stored in small bottles, they can be arranged in the racks as well so that they are handy to use while cooking. Nowadays motorized racks and drawers are available, which have no handles. With easy operation, these have become a favorite with householders looking for convenience and ease in working.

Utilizing the kitchen countertop-

The kitchen countertop should be designed in such a manner that they can accommodate things and save space in some way. In many modular kitchens, it has been seen that the countertop has many appliances installed like the food processor, the toaster, the microwave and so on. If not placed on the kitchen countertop, these appliances would have needed a space for storage separately.

Using kitchen corners efficiently-

Any corner in a room usually remains unutilized and the same is applicable for kitchens as well. But in modular kitchens, you will get customized racks which can be installed in the corner. Keep things of daily use on the rack. It might come with/without a cover. Some of these racks are on wheels so that they can be moved and the place can be cleaned.

After coming to know of so many space saving features that modular kitchens offer, these become kind of mandatory for homes in top metro cities in the country.

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