Smart ways to organize kitchen drawers

Installing a modular kitchen in a modern household has kind of become mandatory. People living in urban areas lead an extremely hectic lifestyle. In such situations, investing too much time in the kitchen is practically not possible. With a modular setup, working in the kitchen becomes a less time consuming affair as everything is well organized in these kitchens. Right from the cooking hob to the various appliances, everything is within reach of the individual. Not only this, the cabinets and the drawers in the kitchen create great storage space.

Organizing kitchen drawers – some tips

Among the different kinds of modular kitchen accessories available, kitchen drawers are the most useful ones. Usually the drawers are present in the lower cabinets of the cabinets and can be pulled out easily. However, without proper organization, the drawers will become cluttered and one thing will mingle with the other creating confusion. Here are some tips, which will help in keeping the kitchen drawers organized:

  • Use separators - Using separators is a great way of keeping the drawer organized. Place separators to keep two things from mixing with one another. For instance, if you are arranging plates in a drawer, keep vertical separators and each gap will accommodate one plate each.

  • Drawer organizers - Using drawer organizers can help in keeping the right things in the right places. For instance, if you want to keep cutlery items separately, like the spoons, forks, knives and other stuff, create different segments in the same drawer with organizers. Now place each kind of cutlery in individual segment. So when you are in a hurry, you know that your spoons, knives and forks are in different sections of the same drawer.

  • Small squares inside the drawer - If you want to create more space inside the drawer create small squares and place items inside the squares. This arrangement is very effective for storing small bottles of spices, lentils and other cereals. You can also label the jars for quick and easy understanding.

  • Wooden rolls standing vertically - This is a stylish separator and is being used extensively in drawers. The greatest advantage of these separators is that they are flexible and their position can be changed as per need. You can create a barrier kind of with these vertical wooden rolls. Also, these barriers will help in creating space for items which occupy more area without any problems.

  • Boxes in the drawer - There are various items used in the kitchen which need to be stored in boxes. Try and purchase boxes of the same size and shape which will fit well inside the drawer. Place the various items inside the boxes and arrange them in the drawer. On the cover write the name of the item which is inside the box for easy and quick identification.

Along with drawers, kitchen trolley is also a great source of kitchen storage. Narrow trolleys with racks are the best option in a kitchen where there is an issue of space constraint. The trolley can be installed in one safe corner offering great storage space.



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