Tips for organizing a small kitchen smartly!

Very few people are lucky in living in homes with big kitchens. Majority of them live in small apartments in cities and urban areas and space constraint is a major issue in such places. And the worst affected area in the apartment is the kitchen. This is one main reason why people are looking to install small modular kitchen in the apartment. Such kitchens help in keeping the place highly organized and clutter-free.

Mentioned below are some highly effective tips for keeping a small kitchen organized:

  • Installing cabinets - Cabinets are integral parts of a modular kitchen setup. And they are all the more important in small kitchens. It is possible to store various things inside the cabinets. Infact many people cram things into a cabinet so that they are not visible normally. If you have the choice and the space, install rotating cabinets as they can hold many things and are convenient to use as well.

  • Use hooks for hanging things - In a small kitchen, you might not find space to put everything on the counter or inside the cabinets. In such cases, hanging hooks can help in creating additional space and keeps the kitchen organized at the same time. Right from pots and pans to ladles and cups – everything can be hung from the hooks conveniently.

  • Keeps the pans and pots high up - You might not have noticed, but there is abundant space between the ceiling and the cabinet top. This is the best place for storing the pots and pans, which are not used frequently. Just see that they are stacked in a uniform manner so that the looks of the place are not hampered.

  • Creating storage space in the kitchen corner - Invest in a strong and smart rack for your smart kitchen and place it in the kitchen corner. You can place all your kitchen appliances on the rack including the food processor, juicer, hot water pot, stand mixer, the microwave oven and other similar electrical appliances and equipments. If there is some space left on the shelf, it can act as additional counter space.

  • Hanging baskets and magazine organizers for additional storage space - If you are looking to organize the small kitchen effectively, try installing hanging baskets in the kitchen where you can keep items that you need on daily basis. Along with these, magazine organizers can also be used in the kitchen for holding aluminum foils, wax papers, tissue papers and similar items.

  • Rolling shelves in under the sink area - The area under the sink is often ignored as it is dingy and dark and contains plumbing fittings etc. But if carefully planned, this area can act as great storage space for different kinds of items. Install rolling shelves in the under-sink area and you can keep all the cleaning ingredients, scrubbers, detergents, phenyls and other items there.

With little planning, it is possible to organize a small kitchen effectively creating abundant space for storing things. Proper organization also helps in making the kitchen look good and easy to work in.



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