Reasons Why Modular Kitchen Will Cost You a Penny More!

Beautiful Modular kitchen design

Several homes in India are integrating modular kitchens in their homes. The reasons span from a more efficient kitchen space to creating a healthy environment for cooking. Modular kitchens come with several advantages. However, as opposed to the traditional carpenter made kitchens, modular kitchens are a tad bit expensive. But why are homeowners ready to pay extra? Certainly, modular kitchens present advantages that are worth the extra investment. Here are some reasons why modular kitchens are more expensive:

The term ‘modular’ refers to the fact that these modern kitchens are made up of several smaller modules that can be independently operated but assembled together to compliment the overall design and functionality. Each unit acts as a separate box that offers storage, cooking and washing without having to touch things in other modules. This makes it easier for homeowners to maintain their kitchens.


As already hinted in the above paragraph, modular kitchens promote organization. With each ‘module’ being independently operable, you know exactly where a specific thing is stored. Organization makes it easier both to maintain and making the cooking/washing process easier. Indian kitchens especially need a lot of tools and ingredients to make food. With modular kitchens, you have the convenience of undisturbed access and convenience demands a bit more budget. In return, you get faster meals, easier cooking, safer operation and easier maintenance.

Durability Offered in Modular Kitchen Designs

Modular kitchen designs integrate materials that can last for a lifetime. Each installation is planned according to the process it will facilitate. For example, counter tops for cooking are made up natural stones that are scratch resistant and hard enough to bear all the chopping and smashing. The cooking space is made up of similar stones and steel that are resistant to heat. If one thinks on the longer run, modular kitchens are actually less expensive. Though the initial investment is more than traditional kitchens, homeowners will have to spend less regularly of maintenance, replacements and repairs.

Modern Kitchen Easy Maintenance

Maintenance will mean being able to keep your kitchen well organized. However, it is more than that. Modern kitchens in India are integrating devices like chimneys to tackle the smoke and soot produced in the cooking process. A part of modular installations, these chimneys will ensure that your kitchen space is not affected by all the oil, grime and smoke you deal with. Even after a blown up roast, you will not find the slightest hind to smoke inside the kitchen. All have been taken care of by the kitchen chimneys. Similarly, the walls and floors of modular kitchens come with coatings that make it easier to clean any greasy deposits, common to Indian kitchens. Homeowners are certainly okay with paying a bit extra for hygiene and overall health of the space.


Modern kitchens in India are not just a space for cooking but also act as a dining/guest space. A kitchen has always been the hub of activity in any home. With modular kitchens, you can ensure that the overall environment suits these needs. These modern kitchens integrate design and décor that don’t just match with the rest of the household but make it an exciting part of it. Whether it is a family dinner or a small party among friends, no one will detest talking and lazing in the kitchen (as opposed to traditional kitchen spaces).

All these make modular kitchen a bit more expensive choice but it is certainly worth every extra rupee you pay!



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