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A modular kitchen arrangement is dictated by sequential arrangement of appliances to ensure higher ease of usage. Depending upon the demands of the buyer, it could either be a simple or a highly intricate or lavish arrangement. However, one thing becomes the core of the designing. The cost of completion of a modular kitchen is reasoned by factors like space availability, kitchen use frequency, brand preference, the quality and the type of kitchen appliances.

Types of Kitchen Fittings

Modular kitchen fittings and hardware from Sleek World come in several types of materials such as glass, wood, brass, copper, marble, granite, steel, etc. The set of kitchen hardware consists of sinks, hobs, counter tables, chimney, refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwashers, refrigerators, shelves, cabinets, corner storages, drawers, panels, pantry and a lot more. Kitchen fittings are further an assortment of knobs, hinges, handles, hangers, backlash profiles, joinery fittings, etc that bring together the whole kitchen and make it workable. The right kitchen hardware and fittings also ensure that the appliances last long and the users are benefitted from the enhanced functionality of the space. Kitchen hardware and fittings also ensure that the materials are protected from the elements, moisture, water, pests and other things affecting the durability of the product. One also has the option to buy kitchen accessories online in several different colors, designs, textures and sizes.

When buying kitchen hardware and fittings, it is necessary that you invest in products that are ISO 9001:2008 certified and meet the international specifications of fittings, functionality and durability. We at Sleek World offer the best quality of products, making Indian homes more standardized and safe.

The better the quality of kitchen products and fittings you invest in, the more durable would be the product you are attaching it with. Hinges for instance don’t just need to be highly flexible but also support easy installation and high amount of durability. Modern lifestyle is about making out life easier and finding more time for ourselves amidst the busy schedule. Anyone wants to spend more time dining with his/her family than wiping sweat in the kitchen. This is where kitchen accessories and hardware can come to good use.

Hardware and Fittings


Note:- Applications : Desk drawers, storage cabinets and kitchen cabinets, etc. Loading Capacity : 100 Ibs (50 kgs) per pair (450mm long) Material : Hardened cold rolled steel plate. Length : 250mm – 600mm.

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Note : Full overlay, half overlay and inset hinges are available only in 110 0

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Note : Full overlay, half overlay and inset hinges are available only in 1100 Adjustment (1) Side adjustment ? 2 mm (2) Depth adjustment ? 2 mm (3) Height adjustment ? 2 mm Use a #2 Pozidrive screwdriver to make hinge adjustment. Use Drill jig for proper installation

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