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Sleek offers complete kitchen design solutions and components like accessories, shutters, appliances, hardware and sinks. Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist is the most preferred choice for modular kitchens.
Modular Kitchen Designs
Sleek provides breathtaking combinations through colors, textures, accessory designs, hardware and appliances like hobs, chimneys and ovens. The Kitchen Specialist makes your dream modular kitchen a reality and that is what makes us unique.
Modular Kitchen
A modular kitchen encompasses easy storage capacity, ready accessibility and functional designs within the boundaries of a set space. Top that up with fresh zingy colors, dynamic layouts and what you get are unique combinations that make this space stand out giving you international looking kitchen with a supremely functional edge.


Not just in India, Sleek offers its world-class products and designs to its overseas patrons as well. We are always available for international assignments or even simple enquiries. Just mail us and we will ensure you have what you need.
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If you liked the modular kitchen designs on our website, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. All you have to do is fill in this simple form which will make it easier for us to answer your queries thoroughly.
About Us
Sleek transformed into Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist through virtue of its vast experience and strong knowledge of what the modern kitchen needs.
Company Profile
Sleek International’s humble beginning instilled the strength and experience necessary to transform Sleek into a Kitchen Specialist. This strong support has enabled us to tie up with renowned international modern kitchen design brands and become a part of India’s foremost business group - Asian Paints.
Our Journey
Our modest initiation into the world of modular kitchens in 1993 has only been steadily boosted by the trust shown by our customers. The company has subsequently received accolades and awards and this journey has been most rewarding of all.
Quality Statement
As a Kitchen Specialist we have made certain promises to ourselves and to our customers as well. Every step we take has been testament to the vision we hold true even today.
From the time Sleek, the Kitchen Specialist began its journey more than 20 years ago, it has received countless awards for its innovative product range, team achievements and industry triumphs. Here we showcase some of those precious moments of glory.
Our Team
The success of Sleek and its transformation to India’s favorite Kitchen Specialist is the result of the hard work and passion shown by each one of our team members.


We are always on the lookout for ambitious young talent who want to chart a successful career graph for themselves in the modular kitchen industry. You can post your resumes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Find Us
Sleek has come closer to you with 20 retail standalone outlets and 13 retail shop-in-shop outlets and up to 460 dealer outlets in India. Find the nearest Sleek outlet easily over here when you are ready to give your kitchen the Sleek modular kitchen makeover or simply to see what is on offer.
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Why Sleek
There are many reasons why Sleek has become the popular choice for modular kitchens today with almost 30,000 kitchens installed annually.
The Specialist Factor
Sleek vs Carpenter-made Kitchens
Design and Customisation
Process of Buying Kitchen
Sleek Designing Tips


Have a question regarding our modular kitchen product or service? You can go through our detailed FAQ section to find an answer to any of your doubts.


Contact Us
Read about the various ways to get in touch with us. We will be glad to hear from you.
Sleek strengthens its modular kitchen designs with a unique blend of the latest accessories, hardware, cabinets and other components. We also present you with international products including branded appliances and imported gadgets that will lend a world-class appeal to your kitchen domain.
Accessories are the most important factor of your kitchen as it deals with the storage issues. Sleek offers a range of exciting and innovative accessories that focus on space maximization.
base cabinet accessories
SS plain basket
SS cup & saucer basket
SS thali basket
SS plate basket
SS cutlery basket
SS twin cutlery basket
SS partition basket
SS bottle rack basket
SS designer basket
SS designer cup & saucer basket
SS designer thali / plate basket
SS perforated cutlery basket
SS designer partition basket
SS designer bottle rack basket
SS grain basket
SS veg allium basket
SS prima basket
SS delite basket
SS popular basket
SS popular 2 in 1 basket
SS double pullout
SS single pullout
SS fixed single pullout
SS detergent pullout
SS fixed detergent pullout
SS half larder pullout
SS premium larder unit
SS deluxe larder unit
SS bin holder
SS detergent holder
corner cabinet accessories
SS carrousel unit 3/4 - 2 pcs
premium carousel unit 3/4 - 2 pcs
SS merry go round
SS twin corner (right-left)
SS dee tray
SS magic corner (right/left)
SS premium magic corner
SS premium dee tray
wall units accessories
SS glass tray
SS plate tray
SS wall carrousel unit
kitchen ladder
midway accessories
SS tube holder connector
SS tube holder set (l & r)
SS hanging holder hook set
SS bend for 16mm pipe
SS pipe
SS s-hook
SS glass holder (2 rail)
SS corner rack (double tier)
SS cup & saucer holder
SS multi-purpose plate rack
SS utility shelf (double tier)
SS glass stand
SS cutlery holder
SS dual spoon holder
SS multi-purpose (single tier)
SS multi-purpose (double tier)
SS tissue paper holder (2 tier cutter)
spice bottle glass (5 pcs)
SS flexible hot pot stand
SS soap dispenser
wooden chopping board & knife holder
wooden multi-purpose holder
SS cleaning utensil holder
SS table mounted plate & bowl
SS versatile thali holder
SS multi-purpose (double tier)


Cabinets & Shutters
A modular kitchen is strengthened by the quality of its cabinets and shutters. Sleek designs, creates and factory fits these components to give you the quality and durability you expect from your Kitchen Specialist.
half tall unit
sink cabinet(forex with aluminum frame)
gas cabinet (blind corner)
gas cabinet
wall cabinet
wall blind corner cabinet
wall corner cabinet (l - type)
dish rack cabinet
aqua guard cabinet
microwave cabinet
radius cabinet
chamfer cabinet
tambour cabinet
base cabinet
hob cabinet
tall unit
blind corner cabinet
online shutter's catalog
hardware and fittings
The strength of your modular kitchen is in its structurally sound hardware and installed fittings. That is the reason Sleek provides you with a range of professionally assessed and innovatively crafted fittings that will support your modular kitchen with long lasting quality and class.
square plastic washer
wall cabinet hanging bracket set
SS gtpt support
SS fascia clip
SS glass support set
SS glass support groove
SS screw/nut/washer (big/small)
plastic 'l' bracket
chipboard screw
cabinet connector
shelf support
shelf support for glass
microwave stand
door bumper
agoform mat
telescopic channel
vetro line
easy line
e23 kit
hinges & hinge for blind corners
hinge for blide corners
base cabinet hanging barcket set
internal wall cabinet hanging barcket set
shelving rod
metallic line


Sleek offers a blend of international as well as Indian appliances that can satisfy your modular kitchen needs very well. Choose from our range of hobs, chimneys, ovens and even built-in refrigerators that not just fast-track your kitchen duties but do it in a stylish and effortless manner.
kitchen chimney
free standing chimney
decorative chimney
karin 60/90
blue bell 60
kannedia x
island chimney
austin (island)
exotic marble
kitchen hobs
leonardo - 10
henry - 10
mercury - 77
kitchen oven / microwave
neso hotplate
wine cooler platnium
fridege platnium
dishwasher platnium
european chimneys
carnetto - white
carnetto - black & white
carnetto - red & white
axial downdraft
white merlin (island)
black tetra (island)
imported products
Sleek offers you some of the best international components and accessories that will gel beautifully with the other elements of your modular kitchen. Look through our selection of imported products to find the most sensational and cutting-edge designs available in the market.
sige nova pro plain basket (with fascia)
sige nova pro plain basket (without fascia)
sige single pullout
sige double tier elegant pullout
sige tall pullout
sige rotating tall
sige swivel ladder unit
sige magic corner
sige corner larder unit
sige detergent pullout
sige bin
sige pullout waste bin - 28 ltr.
sige fixed shelf waste bin 60 cm
fitment bin
european under sink kit
premium under sink dust bin kit
european under sink dust bin kit
european under sink dust bin kit
european dish rack
european drawer system plate & bowl organizer 60
european drawer system plate & bowl organizer 90
european drawer system-cutlery organizer 60
european drawer system-cutlery organizer 90
lamp series
pvc leg leveller (2 piece)
mounting piece (single pin)
mounting piece (three pin)
plinth clip without plate
plinth clip with plate
pvc skirting
linear skirting connector
ventilation grill for skirting
cover profile for skirting
corner profile (2way)
corner profile (multi)
corner profile (flexi)
drilling pattern for scilm single pin mounting piece
drilling pattern for scilm three pin mounting piece
l gola profile
l gola profile channel type
internal corner for l gola profile
external corner for l gola profile
open end cap for l gola profile
open end cap for l gola profile
external corner for l gola profile


With elements provided by the Austrian brand ‘Grass’, you can save space and organize your drawer units with innovative, contemporary and amazingly user-friendly designs. Look through these unique concepts to make the most of your modular kitchen.
grass nova pro full extension
cutlery organiser with wooden partition
pro - installation
kinvaro l - 80
grass nova pro add-ons
bottle holder
2 sided rectangle shape railing system with front support
nova signo
optima profile drawer
nova sorto divider
nova pots & pan drawer
bottle divider drawer
cutlery organiser b3
wooden bottle divider
wooden besteck cutlery
wooden vario
wooden partage
wooden adjustable partage
wooden organiser
Sleek Modular Kitchens has made its presence felt through leading publications and magazines in India. Here you can browse through some of those images.
Magazine Coverage
Articles / PR
Periodically, Sleek provides sharp, relevant and effective content through various online portals and offline publications as well as magazines. Here you will find a wealth of useful information, easy tips and tricks; everything that has to do with the kitchen.
Our blog has tons of information regarding modular kitchen, how it can help you, what it does as an important part of your home, and more. Read on to find some very interesting content.
TV Commercial
Click to see the latest commercials from Sleek. If you like what you see in the TVC, you will love the other products we have on offer too.
Various world-class events help us to showcase some of the latest and most innovative design elements and enhancements made periodically. Take a look at some of the events where Sleek garnered a lot of praise and excited onlookers.


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