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  • DIY Tips To Organise Your Kitchen

DIY Tips to Organise Your Kitchen

Monday, December 10, 2018

An organised kitchen saves your time and energy as you cook—here are a few simple ways to make your kitchen more orderly today.

The dreaded countertop clutter never seems to end. Spare cutlery, container lids, and cutting boards often get in the way. Cooking your favourite dishes is more fun when you are not side-stepping clutter and fighting for counter space. A few simple do-it-yourself projects can help you organise your kitchen.

Explore your creative side by adding some order and personality to your kitchen with these handy DIY tips.
Use kitchen labels.

One simple and effective way to increase your pace while cooking is labelling your ingredient jars. Don’t let those onions burn while you search for the right masala! Sticking labels on jars helps you pick the right one much faster. Stick them on top of jars if you store the containers in a lower drawer. Print the names of the ingredients on glossy label paper, and stick them on the jars. You could also write on regular paper, and cover it with transparent tape before sticking it on the jar. 

Use a magazine rack for cutting board storage.

While cutting boards are very useful, storing them properly can be a difficult task. Instead of letting them clutter your countertop, take an old magazine rack and use small L-shaped angle bits to screw it to the inside of the cabinet door. Place the cutting boards in the rack and close the cabinet door to hide them from sight. If you do not want to attach the rack permanently, look for a wire rack that you can spray paint in a colour that matches your kitchen décor. Use it store the boards once the rack dries.

Create storage space under the kitchen sink.

Even the most aesthetic kitchen would look disorganised and cluttered if cleaning liquids, detergent, and scrubs are lying around. Instead of hiding everything behind the base cabinet door, affix a curtain rod under the sink. Hang brushes and cleaning liquids on the rod for reduced clutter and convenient access. For cans and bottles without nozzles, just loop a piece of twine around the neck and hang the bottles on curtain hooks placed on the rod. 

Opt for cutlery drawer compartments.

With Sleek’s modular kitchens, you can opt for a perforated cutlery basket so all your spoons, knives, and forks have their own space. This saves you time by allowing you to pick the right cutlery in a jiffy. If your cutlery basket does not have separate compartments, create compartments inside the drawer with thin wooden ply pieces or get rectangular plastic trays that you can slide into the open drawers to  keep your cutlery items straightened out. 

Use towel racks for storing lids.

While you may have a designated place for all your pots and pans, lids often come in the way. It is difficult to find adequate space to store the lids with their respective pans. There is a simple way to get those pesky lids out of the way: attach a couple of towel racks to the inside of the cabinet door. You can slide the lids so that they lean against the cabinet door and stay hooked to the rack with the help of the lid knobs.

Organising your kitchen is a never-ending task. But these DIY tips can help you reduce clutter, improve efficiency, and make your kitchen cleaner.