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  • 12 Ideas For A Small Kitchen

12 Ideas For A Small Kitchen

Monday, December 10, 2018

Use the space in your kitchen to your advantage with these creative ideas.

A small kitchen may seem like a bane if you love cooking. However, if designed well, even a small space can be used optimally.

Here are a few ways to do so.
Create the illusion of space with open cabinets.

Open or glass-fronted cabinets help your kitchen look bigger. They allow your eyes to see through to the back, unlike traditional closed ones. It is important that you keep it clutter-free because any mess will shatter the illusion. Sleek’s Bling modular systems feature contemporary-styled open cabinets, allowing you to use the open element creatively in your kitchen. 

Use mirrors to expand your kitchen space.

Install them as backsplashes or over the cabinets. By reflecting the view and light, mirrors can trick your eyes into believing that the room is bigger than its actual size. However, you will have to clean them regularly as unclean mirrors will make your kitchen look shabby. 

Choose low contrast colours to decorate your kitchen.

When you choose a colour scheme for a small kitchen, go for low contrast colours. Such colour combinations create a uniform look and encourage the illusion of spaciousness. An all-white kitchen works best, but you can also opt for lighter shades like yellow, green, pink, etc. 

Irrespective of what colour you choose, do not compromise on proper lighting.

A small kitchen needs lots of light to make it look spacious and bright. Consider installing a large window with little to no treatment for natural lighting. You could also add lights above your countertops and under the cabinets to make your kitchen visually appealing and functional. 

Install cabinets of the same colour as your walls.

When both your cabinets and walls are the same colour, the whole kitchen looks like a seamless continuation of one colour. This uniformity makes the kitchen appear bigger. Go for pale colours; they reflect light and make the space look bigger. 

Utilise corners to maximise space.

Sleek’s Merry Go Round and Twin Corner drawers help utilise the full potential of corners by installing a drawer in the space. These drawers slide out for easy access and can be used to store jars and containers. 

Keep the countertops and shelves clutter-free.

A clutter-free environment is vital when you want your small kitchen to look bigger. If you own a microwave, try to incorporate it in your cabinetry. All the other small appliances can be stored in the pantry or drawers.

Consider a slide-out table or cutting board drawer.

In a small kitchen, you need to capitalise on every inch of counter space. Customise a slide-out table or cutting board drawer to serve as additional countertops and work spaces that can be tucked out of sight when not in use. 

Increase storage and add a décor element by installing hooks in the walls.

You can use these hooks to store cups, jars, napkins and hand towels. A rack of hooks on your wall serve as the perfect way to hang your pots and pans when you have a shortage of space. Sleek’s Glass Holder displays upturned glasses, while the Corner Rack hooks help you maximise corner space.

Choose compact furnishings to decorate your kitchen.

Do not overcrowd your already small kitchen with a table and chairs. If you want furniture, choose slim chairs and collapsible narrow tables. They will not add visual bulk or eat up too much floor space.

Extend your kitchen if possible.

If you have a separate dining room, try and incorporate it into your kitchen. Leave one low half-wall between these two rooms, so you can serve food directly from the kitchen extension. 

Planning is extremely important for transforming your kitchen.

You need to have a good plan in place, when you want to make your small kitchen look bigger. Sleek’s design professionals can help you with ideas and 3D kitchen designs so you can make an informed decision.


Make the best of your kitchen’s size by opting for a minimal and efficient décor.