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Crest Collection By Sleek Kitchens

Let the epicenter of your home complement the luxuriousness that surrounds it. The Crest Collection by Sleek Kitchens is a select suite of four luxurious kitchen concepts

Classic, Modernistic, Minimalistic, Contemporary

Each concept will introduce you to three of their avatars- Bold, Matt & Intense which you can either be inspired by or blend together for something special

Explore our four luxurious concepts to discover which of these best suits your story

Crest Kitchens: Classic

A classic kitchen celebrates the flourish & magnanimity of the ornate era

A classic doesn’t need to follow trends. A classic is the feeling of familiarity.

A classic is ageless.  A classic is simple and uncomplicated. Yet elegant and luxurious.

And that’s why, a classic is forever.


Classic Bold Kitchens

Classic Bold Inspirations are characterized by designs that create the perfect harmony between symmetry and balance.

This timeless inspiration is inspired by the classical hues of nature. If you are looking for an inspiration that will never go out of fashion, this is perfect for you.

Classic Matt Kitchens

Classic Matt Inspirations are defined by beautiful monochromatic hues and usage of minimal lines.

The elegant contrasts and rich textures is what makes this inspiration a timeless classic. With its vintage handles and floors, this one’s for the ages.

Classic Intense Kitchens

Rich, dark shade wood with elegant backsplashes and tasteful lighting is what gives our Classic Intense Inspirations a signature look.

Each element in this inspiration, whether handles or shutters, accessories or lights is built to elevate the look, of not just the kitchen, but your entire home.


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