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Crest Collection By Sleek Kitchens

Let the epicenter of your home complement the luxuriousness that surrounds it. The Crest Collection by Sleek Kitchens is a select suite of four luxurious kitchen concepts

Classic, Modernistic, Minimalistic, Contemporary

Each concept will introduce you to three of their avatars- Bold, Matt & Intense which you can either be inspired by or blend together for something special

Explore our four luxurious concepts to discover which of these best suits your story

Crest Kitchens: Minimalistic

A minimalistic kitchen embraces uncluttered, uncomplicated & stylish living

Minimalism is clean, well-lit & uncomplicated. Minimalism is the art of subtraction.

Minimalism is an ode to understated elegance.  Minimalism never compromises

It is not just a state of mind, it is a way of life.


Minimalistic Bold Kitchens

Minimalistic Bold Inspirations are defined by the stark absence of anything decorative or representational

These kitchens focus on textural and material elements in a pure and abstract form. All this, beautifully expressed with a splash of rich hues and bold geometric shapes to go with your home’s simple, uncluttered look.

Minimalistic Matt Kitchens

Classy, understated and deliciously graceful, the Minimalistic Matt-Inspired Kitchen is an extension of your refined taste.

The natural hues and quiet sophistication add to the drama, quite effortlessly.

Minimalistic Intense Kitchens

Bold, unconventional and stunningly elegant, the Minimalistic Intense Inspirations are for those who love to flaunt their audacity

If you have developed an acquired taste for dark and alluring shades of black, here lies your heaven.


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