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Crest Collection By Sleek Kitchens

Let the epicenter of your home complement the luxuriousness that surrounds it. The Crest Collection by Sleek Kitchens is a select suite of four luxurious kitchen concepts

Classic, Modernistic, Minimalistic, Contemporary

Each concept will introduce you to three of their avatars- Bold, Matt & Intense which you can either be inspired by or blend together for something special

Explore our four luxurious concepts to discover which of these best suits your story

Crest Kitchens: Contemporary

A contemporary kitchen carves a distinct niche that gets inspirations from two uniquely diverse eras

Contemporary design is a celebration of now. It is a symphony of simplicity and subtle sophistication.

Contemporary design is a melting point of colour, space, shape & interesting textures. Contemporary design is warm

And that's why, it is a state of mind.


Contemporary Bold Kitchens

If you see funky pop colours and classic wood finishes in the same space, there is a high chance that you are looking at one of our Contemporary Bold Inspirations.

This beautiful marriage of tradition and modern-designs is what best defines this unique inspiration. Uncluttered, homely anduniquely modern designs with unconventional hues against a traditional backdrop is the best way to describe this inspiration.

Contemporary Matt Kitchens

Beautiful English colours and unassuming classiness is what describes the Contemporary Matt-Inspired Kitchens the best.

It reflects modern-day sophistication with splashes of warm, earthy hues to give the kitchen an inviting and lived-in look.

Contemporary Intense Kitchens

A powerful blend of old-world charm and uber-modern luxury is what you will find in Contemporary Intense Inspired Kitchens.

From classic oakwood textures to darker hues to understated whites, these kitchens will take you on a visual journey which will be appreciated by those who have acquired a rich taste for it.


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