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  • Use Your Kitchen To Work From Home

Use Your Kitchen To Work From Home

Monday, December 10, 2018

An ideal office nook inside your kitchen needs to be efficient, accessible and stylish. Here are a few ways to create a space you will love.

The kitchen can easily double up as your social life central or work-station. With tele-commuting and remote working becoming popular, a dedicated space for a home office is a great idea. The kitchen is probably the most convenient space because that’s where the food is – keep yourself hydrated and munch on carrot sticks while you work! Working from home may not suit everyone, but it is the perfect option for stay-at-home parents who want to freelance while keeping an eye on the kids or for those with a flexible job that doesn’t need them to work at their office every day.

Here are some design ideas to create a fully functional home office in your kitchen:
Stay out of the kitchen work triangle.

Set up your office away from the generally busy kitchen triangle between the sink, cooktop and refrigerator. Place a much-needed desk in the corner or extend a long countertop to create one.

If you work long hours, a comfortable chair that supports your back is needed to ensure you don’t end up with a backache. Get one with wheels so you can move it out of the kitchen space when required.

Use your modular kitchen cabinets for office needs.

You can stow away your office paperwork, books and files in selected kitchen cabinets above your desk to make them easily accessible. Create a stylish work space that contains your office clutter and still looks great by installing pull-out shelves with elegant shutters. For example, Stylus modular systems feature spacious drawers with inclined PU shutters that have an easy-to-clean matt finish at the back and a glossy front finish, which makes for a stylish backdrop while video conferencing with clients.

These kitchens also include imported soft-closing drawers that make no sound, and top-lift shutters that cover two cabinets for a sleek exterior look – perfect additions to any work space.

Utilise the full potential of kitchen walls.

If you tend to forget paying your bills or raising invoices, get a cork or chalk board installed in your kitchen office space. It is ideal for pinning or penning down anything; from bills and calendars to memo notes and pictures. 

Use technology wherever possible.

Use advanced technology like a wireless mouse and keyboard if you have a desktop. A Bluetooth printer would make it easier to print documents without connecting a myriad of wires. Store official documents on the ‘cloud’ to ensure their safety and reduce paper clutter in your kitchen-office.

Keep your workspace organised by eliminating as many unnecessary wires and cords as you can – knives, wires, and water in close proximity can be dangerous. Route the wires through the back of cabinets to keep them out of the way. Stylus makes this easy with backless base shelves – you can organise the wires and push them out of sight behind the cabinet.

Install proper lighting in your kitchen office nook.

Having ample light in the kitchen is important, whether you are cooking food or working. Affix a collapsible desk in the empty space next to a window to enjoy working in a naturally well-lit space.

Install a desk lamp for artificial lighting or concealed under-cabinet lighting in your modular kitchen to highlight your desk and make it bright enough to work at. 

Use creative storage solutions to organise your desk.

Stick to the overall theme and décor when you are looking for storage organisers. Use mason jars or mugs to hold your pens and pencils, and wine racks to store magazines and papers. Another resourceful idea is to use plastic lunch trays or cutlery trays as your in-drawer organisers to store paper clips, push pins, and rubber bands in separate compartments.

There are many things you can do in the kitchen that don’t involve food. Use these simple tricks to transform your kitchen into the perfect home office.