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  • 10 Tips For Clean, Efficient Kitchens

10 Tips For Clean, Efficient Kitchens

Monday, December 10, 2018

Make your kitchen space clean and easy to use by following these simple tips.

Kitchens have to be clean, uncluttered, functional and easy to use. An unorganised, unclean kitchen poses health hazards through contaminated food. Moreover, the kitchen has many sharp and hot objects, so you need to ensure that it does not pose a risk to anyone in the room, particularly children.

Here are 10 simple tips to help keep your kitchen safe, clean and more functional:
Designate a place for everything.

Arrange containers so that the frequently used ones are easily reachable. Label jars and ensure that cutlery goes back to the right place after use. Sticking to this habit will automatically eliminate clutter. 

Keep a track of what you use.

Not everything in the kitchen gets used, and getting rid of such things can give you a lot more storage space. If you still want to keep them around, remove them from the kitchen or store them out of the way in overhead cabinets. 

Install slide-out bins and trays.

When you are cooking in a hurry, pulling and twisting cabinet knobs to reach ingredients can be frustrating. Consider getting a pull-out tray near the hob so you can easily access everyday spices and ingredients. Sleek’s Aristo modular systems feature internationally renowned soft-close drawers and electronic lift-up systems for easy access.

Make use of the wall space with vertical storage.

Lack of storage space is a common problem in most households. Use ignored spaces like walls and corners to install shelves and hanging container holders. Hang pots, pans, ladles and towels to keep them out of the way and improve your home décor. 

Place the plate tray well to reduce dripping issues.

Water dripping from washed utensils makes the kitchen wet and messy. A simple trick to deal with this is to install plate trays above the sink. This way, you will be using vertical space while ensuring that water does not drip on the floor —no mopping required!

Keep electrical plugs and switches away from the water source.

All electrical appliances switches, fixtures, etc., need to be placed away from water to avoid dangerous electrical short-circuits. 

Place the microwave at the right height.

Consider who uses the microwave more. Keep it in a way that the inside of the device is at eye level. For shorter people, setting it below the countertop makes it safer to use. 

Ensure proper lighting.

A good amount of natural light keeps the kitchen airy and fresh. Adequate lighting also facilitates ease of work. Install lights under the overhead shelves to make it safer to use knives and sharp tools at night. 

Avoid exposed sharp corners in the kitchen.

Sharp corners on the countertop and island area can pose a risk of injury for both adults and children, so consider getting the edges rounded or installing corner guards.

Do not forget to scrub the sink and faucets.

Keeping every part of your kitchen clean and disinfected is vital for health. This includes cleaning often-ignored areas like the sink and faucets. Use fine steel wool and a soft cloth to clean a stainless-steel sink, and white vinegar as a natural cleaning agent for faucets and fixtures that get stained with mineral-heavy water.

The best way to keep your kitchen organised, clean and safe is to develop a schedule for cleaning and stick to it.