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  • Add Global Flavour To Modular Kitchens

Add Global Flavour To Modular Kitchens

Monday, December 10, 2018

Integrating global design elements and styles into your kitchen is easier than ever with modular kitchen systems.

Gone are the days when kitchens were hidden from the gaze of guests and visitors. Modern kitchens aspire to be breath-taking centrepieces of style and sophistication – to be flaunted rather than disguised. The best way to achieve this is by incorporating design elements and inspiration from countries around the globe. Each country has its own unique aesthetic and interior design choices.

Here is a short guide to dominant themes in modern kitchens across the world:
Copy the minimalistic design philosophy of Japanese kitchens.

The Zen design ethos demands stripping down all non-essential elements, leaving a simple, elegant looking kitchen. Remember, less is more while incorporating this minimalistic style.

The colour palette is clean and fresh, with a lot of white and pastel shades. Understated floral patterns and bamboo motifs are prominent. You can add a touch of Japanese design to your kitchen with floral patterned cabinet shutters, utensils and jars. Set up a small herb garden to bring nature into your kitchen space.

Mimic the warmth and open spaces of American kitchens.

Traditional American kitchens tend to have a lot of antique wood surfaces and graceful design elements like arches and panelling. The colour palette is very subdued and mature, leaning towards white, beige and cream. You can add a slide-out pantry cabinet, wooden shelves and baskets to mimic a wholesome and warm American kitchen.

A modern American kitchen involves anything from a dedicated industrial look to casually experimental layouts. The colour palettes also tend to be very different, with bright, cheerful blues and yellows, or bold reds and greens. A recurring theme is the wide open nature of the designs. American kitchens tend to be larger than life – think bigger appliances and open rooms with natural lighting. 

Add a touch of rustic Old World charm with Mexican/Latin American kitchens.

Usually designed to be used by one cook in the family, they tend to have a cosy feel. However, the palette is bright and bold with a lot of blues, vibrant oranges, and reds. Choose bright and glossy cabinet shutters, containers, utensils, etc.

Clay tiles and red bricks play a significant role, both as panelling and on countertops. Consider adding a backsplash or tiling the area between the countertop and cabinets with red brick/veneer. 

Design your kitchen with European flair in mind.

The traditional French kitchen might have a lot of stone tiles and wood surfaces to impart an Old World feel. Its modern counterpart has a radically alternative feel with bold yet classy colour choices, from hot pinks to fiery reds.

Italians lean toward structure and organisation. The area is designed in a way that gives the cook maximum access and minimum disruption. The main dining area is close to the cooking area.

European kitchens are aesthetically designed and efficient. Choose kitchen cabinets with concealed or matching handles for a sleek look. For example, Aristo kitchens have wooden handles that are stained with the same Patina effect as the shutters – giving the kitchen clean lines along with accessibility.

Choose the elegant style of classic English kitchens.

Compact appliances and sophisticated electronic systems are the centre of a modern English kitchen. Natural wood surfaces and pastel hues play a big role and add a European flair to your kitchen.

Consider incorporating a wooden lattice design like a classic English rose trellis as a shelf or wall garden! The latticed panes and pigeonhole shutters of Aristo’s cabinets do this job well. These kitchens offer a quintessential British look with 5-piece pastel veneer cabinets, futuristic chimneys and hobs.

A modular kitchen system offers the best of both worlds: modern technology with elegant design elements. A well-designed international modular kitchen system will serve as a competent base on which you can add your personal touch.