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  • Innovatively designed compact home

Innovatively designed compact home

Monday, December 10, 2018

While designing a home, you have to take into account the specific requirements your family has and the amount of space available to you. But what do you do when you want a lot in very little space? You rely on innovative designing. Designed by Naman Shah, the Blue House in Ahmedabad is the epitome of intelligent and innovative design.

Wanting to create a dream home on a small plot of land, the client’s brief was deceptively simple – design a home like a Swiss Army knife – a multi-purpose space that fits cleanly in a small plot.

Armed with a Masters from Italy and years of on-the-job experience, Shah ran with the brief, and created a home that fills you with envy.

  • Designed as a 4BHK, the house features two separate living rooms, a spacious kitchen and dining space, and even a home boutique for the wife!
  • Children love to dance, and what better place to do it than the basement home theatre that is complete with a dance floor?
  • An interesting design principle in the house is that every room is conceived as an individual space so there are no overlaps in terms of veneers, marble, and other finishes used in the house.
  • When it comes to the kitchen, no stone was left unturned to design a space that is welcoming, clean, and highly functional. The all-white marvel boasts of backlit mosaic tiles on the wall, and white marble flooring. The result is a bright kitchen for the perfect start to any day. Instead of creating a stand-alone kitchen closed off from other rooms, the design allows for free flow with the dining area with the help of a bar counter window. Not only does this allow food to be passed through, the addition of a couple of bar stools ensures that you can also use the window as a breakfast counter to eat at.
  • Thanks to the unique sloping outer façade, you can sample the innovative design without even entering the house. The façade and roof are designed to imitate the open sky with blue interlocking ridge tiles and pixelated clouds made of ceramic tiles.
  • Another unique addition is copper in the door frames, skins, and casted door handles.
  • To ensure that the carbon footprint is low, interior colours are predominantly black, white and grey, with contrasting brighter hues to add a touch of attitude.


You do not need a sprawling house to fulfil your requirements. With innovative design, you can create a home that is compact, aesthetically pleasing, and built like a Swiss Army knife that puts the “fun” in functional.