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  • Building urban homes

Building urban homes

Monday, December 10, 2018

Young urbans live a fast-paced life, perpetually running from one task to another. While designing homes for high-flying urbanites, it is important to create a space that is seamless, thoughtfully designed, and luxurious. Tata Housing’s Serein at Pokhran Road in Thane embodies all of this and more.

Designed by Transition Architects, Serein draws its inspiration from lush green landscapes and luxury housing basics.

From the 30ft-high reception sales gallery area to the 8.5ft-high show flat, contemporary design is breathed to life by architects Alok Karmakar and Nikhil Shah. The 1300sq.ft. show flat is everything any young urban couple could desire. Designed with a young photographer and fashion designer couple who work in Mumbai and stay at Thane in mind, every part of the flat is well thought out and purposefully placed.

Consider the division of the living room, guest bedroom, and kitchen on one side, with the master and kids’ bedrooms on the other side – ensuring privacy and personal space for family while friends and guests have a designated area for themselves. The contemporary design is also evident in the open kitchen area. By replacing the walls with an open kitchen breakfast counter, the design helps create a communal area that doubles up as an entertainment centre and party counter in a pinch.

Another sign of effective interior design is the use of natural light reflection with the help of light colours and reflective materials on the walls. Master craftsmen have used large marble tiles as a show of luxurious aesthetic for decades, and Serein’s large marble tiling does exactly that – they add a touch of aesthetic, luxury, natural beauty, and easy maintenance (thanks to fewer grouted joints!) Shout out to modern luxury designing!


Established in 2004, Transition Architects is the brainchild of co-founders Alok Karmakar and Nikhil Shah. Specialising in corporate interiors, the company has completed 1 million sq.ft. of projects across India with a mission of providing clear design to enhance human experience.