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  • Top 6 Benefits Of A Modular Kitchen

Top 6 Benefits Of A Modular Kitchen

Monday, December 10, 2018

Benefits of Modular Kitchen

Remember the first time you prepared a delicious meal for your family? Or those early mornings spent making tasty sandwiches for your kid's tiffin? These memories acquire a significant place in your heart, and they have all been made in one place - your kitchen. Your kitchen has to be warm and inviting, aesthetic and functional. This may be a tall order for a carpenter, but not for modular kitchens! A modular kitchen is made by fitting together multiple pre-fabricated modules or parts to create a functional and elegant kitchen that suit your needs. Get in touch with a modular kitchen vendor to customize your kitchen as per your requirements

Here are a few unique benefits of adding one to your home.
Modular kitchens are made just for you.

Do you worry about how small your kitchen is? Fret not, because modular kitchens are customisable and designed to suit the needs of every house, irrespective of its size. Special layouts such as U-shaped and island kitchens for larger kitchens or L-shaped, parallel and straight line kitchens for smaller kitchens are designed to cater to all dimensions. You can pick and choose your drawer baskets and shutter surfaces. This way, you can ensure that your modular kitchen fits in the overall décor of your home. 

Modular kitchens are easy to assemble and move.

Modular kitchens are made up of several smaller modules that can be independently operated and assembled together to compliment the overall design and functionality. Assembling, dismantling, and reassembling them is easy, so you can take your modular kitchen wherever you go. Even if your new house does not have the same kind of space, the kitchen can be remodelled in no time at all. As compared to fixed furniture created by local carpenters, modular kitchens are a highly convenient option.  

Modular units are real space creators.

In cities where space is at a premium, modular kitchens come to the rescue. Most families tend go food shopping once a month to stock up on food grains, oil, edibles, etc. This requires a lot of storage space. Modular kitchens help create 30% more storage than average civil kitchens! By using the corner space and installing pull-out drawers, adjustable shelves, tall units and under-sink units, you can optimise your space to the fullest. The result is a functional, space-creating, and sophisticated kitchen system. 

Sleek modular kitchens have unique aesthetic appeal.

Your home reflects your personality, and there is no reason why your modular kitchen shouldn’t do the same. From European finishes to glossy colourful designs, you can opt for the aesthetic that you find pleasing. With Sleek’s Artize modular kitchens, you can flaunt exquisite patterns of Indian Warli art, Congo designs, Egyptian hieroglyphics, etc. Similarly, you can opt for coloured cabinets and shutters in various finishes such as glorious glass shutters or PU paint for a sophisticated look. These aesthetic beauties do not require you to compromise on quality or functionality either—it’s a win-win situation. 

Smart decluttering is easy with modular kitchens.

Not only will everything in your kitchen have a designated place, you can also choose to have your appliances fit into the cabinets. This leaves your countertop empty so you can use it for better purposes. 

Cleaning modular units is easy.

Cleaning your kitchen need not be a long and irritating task! Modular kitchens with their slide-out compartments can be cleaned in a jiffy. Furthermore, you can opt for marine ply shutters that are water-resistant so you can simply wipe the surfaces down – voila!

Modular kitchens are the right choice when you want to execute your perfectly-planned and intuitive dream kitchen.