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  • Kitchen Cleaning Tips - Daily Tasks

Kitchen Cleaning Tips - Daily Tasks

Monday, December 10, 2018

Make a quick reference checklist of daily kitchen cleaning tasks to ensure you stay on top of chores.

A kitchen requires the most amount of work. Be it cooking, entertaining or grabbing a snack - the kitchen usually hosts people throughout the day, which means it also gets dirtier than other areas of the house. If you can't keep it free of crumbs, spills and grease despite all the cleaning, perhaps you need a smarter option.

Having a checklist of daily tasks makes things much easier, so here are a few tips.
Share the workload.

Keeping the kitchen clean is a never-ending process. You have to sweep and mop the floor once or twice a day, declutter and wipe down the countertop, wash used utensils, and so much more. However, you don’t have to do everything on your own. Enlist the kids and other family members to help keep it clean. Divide the tasks into batches (morning, afternoon and night) and assign them to different family members so the responsibility is shared by everyone. 

Devise an after-meals cleaning plan.

Get into the habit of cleaning up after each meal. Ensure that there are some must-do tasks after every meal, such as putting away all used plates and utensils in the dishwasher, cleaning any spills or crumbs from the dining table, and storing leftovers in marked containers in the refrigerator or drawers. This way, you will have a clean kitchen and dining table waiting for your next meal. 

Wipe down all appliances.

Once a day, use a wet towel and chemical-free DIY cleaners to wipe down the fronts of various kitchen appliances. This way, dust and grime will not stick to the appliances. Even a beautiful modular kitchen isn’t exactly enough to keep a clean space if the appliances are dirty.

Keep cleaning as you cook.

Use your cooking time (when you are waiting for something to boil, bake or fry) to clean up. Put used pots and pans in the sink with hot, soapy water and wash them as you go. Wipe down the countertop and put things back where they belong—by the time your meal is ready, you will have an uncluttered, clean kitchen. 

Clear out and clean the sink.

Move all dirty dishes to the dishwasher or hand wash them if you prefer, but keep the sink clear. Remove any food stuck at the bottom and wipe the sink clean with a safe cleaner like baking soda.

Unload the dishwasher/tray.

Whether you use a dishwasher or a drying tray, ensure that you empty it after each meal and place all utensils in their designated places. This way, everything is ready to use when you need to cook or eat, and the dishwasher is free for the next batch of dirty dishes. 

Empty the trash.

Not only do waste materials in your trash bins look and smell ugly, they also attract many insects. Make a habit of taking the trash out every day, and keep the trash bin clean and covered. Sleek’s European undersink dustbin kit allows you to keep wet and dry waste separate, covered, and concealed.

Customise this checklist to suit your needs and refer to it daily to make kitchen cleaning easier.