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  • How To Get A Modular Makeover

How To Get A Modular Makeover

Monday, December 10, 2018

Design the kitchen of your dreams – and be smart about it with these tips at hand.

A major highlight of modular kitchens is their ability to utilise the available space optimally. With cabinets and trolleys of different sizes and shapes, you can customise a modular kitchen as per your needs. Is this your first time designing a modular kitchen?

Here are a few tips to design a super-functional kitchen and avoid unnecessary expenses.
The first thing to do is to decide on a kitchen layout.

Identify your kitchen work triangle by deciding where you want to place your refrigerator, gas stove and sink. For better flow of traffic, have an unobstructed work triangle. Pick a layout based on the amount of space you have – a straight or parallel kitchen for smaller homes, U-or C-shaped and kitchen islands for larger homes, or L-shaped kitchens that fit in between. 

Choose the material and height of your countertop.

The countertop is work central in the kitchen. Decide on the ideal countertop height for accessing storage products, preparing food, and housing appliances. Select the right material – wooden countertops give your kitchen a traditional look, quartz is known to be heat and scratch resistant, while the more expensive granite is durable and maintenance-free. 

Take advantage of the kitchen's corner space.

Incorporate a blind corner cabinet in your modular kitchen to utilise the corner spaces wisely. Having extra storage space is never a bad idea. Sleek’s Carousel and Dee Trays provide revolving baskets for maximum utilisation of space. 

Choose the right colour and theme for your kitchen.

Along with the colour of cabinets and appliances, think of the walls and kitchen tiles. Create a seamless and aesthetic kitchen by sticking to a colour scheme. Whether you decide to go all-white, bright or earthy, you will easily find modular kitchens that fit with your chosen theme. 

Make provisions for safety.

You will be handling sharp tools and working with gas, so safety is paramount. Make sure that the countertop has curved edges to avoid getting hurt. Opt for under-cabinet lights to shine on the work space. Place electrical appliances at a distance from the sink and stove but close to a plug point. Lastly, ensure that the flooring is slip-resistant. 

Use the functionality of modular kitchens.

These systems can be personalised as per your lifestyle and needs. Choose drawers and appliances that save your time and energy. Sleek’s midway accessories like table-mounted container holders and hanging corner racks help to keep regularly used things within hand’s reach. 

Design your modular kitchen ergonomically.

The height of your wall cabinets and depth of floor drawers/cabinets should be decided keeping your height and reach in mind. Customise the unit to reach it comfortably and avoid backaches. Lift-up flaps from Sleek make overhead cabinets incredibly easy to reach.

Conceal trash bins.

With modular kitchens, you have the option of assigning a space for separate wet and dry trash bins under the sink. Sleek’s pull-out waste bins will keep the trash out of sight for a cleaner look.

Design your kitchen with Indian cooking in mind.

Spicy curries and tadkas create a lot of oily vapours and grease. Add a high-utility chimney that sucks these vapours out to save your walls from discolouration and your eyes from damage. Choose shutters made of waterproof materials like marine ply for your cabinets. Install a dishwasher to make washing utensils quick and stress-free.

Get an expert's help while designing.

Sleek's designers personally visit your house to help design your kitchen, take measurements and give you a 3D kitchen plan, so you can see exactly what your finished kitchen will look like. 

Don’t compromise quality for aesthetics or economy.

A modular kitchen is designed to last for a long time, so it is wise to opt for the best quality of fixtures and cabinets. Ask for yearly maintenance services and service warranties to increase the life of your kitchen. Sleek’s five-year annual maintenance contract with three yearly services will help your kitchen last 40% longer than it would otherwise. 


Design a modular kitchen that is sleek, functional, and easy to use by keeping these tips in mind. Avoid making common design mistakes to create a kitchen that you would love to cook in.