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  • Make Guests Envy Your New Kitchen

Make Guests Envy Your New Kitchen

Monday, December 10, 2018

Create a space that is alluring, efficient and innovative with these tips.

People spend a lot on making every corner of their home attractive, but the kitchen often gets overlooked. While it is important to create a kitchen that is utilitarian, it can also be beautified to complement the décor of your home.

Here are 9 ways to get there:
Add an accent wall.

Pick a single wall in your kitchen to highlight. Paint it in a vibrant colour that contrasts with the cabinetry (cabinetry in white paired with a turquoise or mango yellow accent wall) to make it stand out. You can also hang a beautiful framed painting on this wall for added effect.  

Consider geometric-patterned tiles.

Most kitchens have tiles in traditional rectangle or square patterns, but if you want to make a striking impression, consider geometric patterns. They go well with most wall shades and add a fun, quirky vibe to the place. For kitchens with an open layout, wooden flooring works great. If wood is not your preference, try ceramic tiles. Give your kitchen an intricate and expensive look by laying 12-inch ceramic tiles in a diagonal way.

Get creative with the decoration.

Use the open element creatively in your kitchen. You can display some of your hand-made creations, a beautiful vase with fresh blooms from your garden or pretty spice jars laid out on an open shelf. Utilise the space near bare windows to liven up the place. 

Change or add new lighting.

Create a kitchen that is bright and inviting while also being practical. A single chandelier or pendant light is an excellent accessory to install over the kitchen island. Add warm lights in glass cabinets, under the overhead kitchen cabinets, and over the countertops. A dimmer switch provides versatility for different purposes. 

Choose bright patterns.

Instead of going for the usual neutral colours, consider transforming your kitchen with a lively pattern on the backsplash. If you have a modular kitchen, a vintage pattern serves as a great way to blend the old and new. Striking a balance is the key, so ensure that such patterns are concentrated in one area only. 

Get aesthetically appealing countertops and cabinet doors

Choose cabinet doors in glass or a glossy finish for a glamorous look. Similarly, choose a good-looking, sturdy material for your countertop that complements the décor of your kitchen. Give your kitchen a facelift with Sleek’s Aristo array that offers European styled cabinetry in classy English pastels with hand-crafted 5-piece veneer shutters in dual toned modern Patina effect. 

Invest in decorative hardware.

Updating the hardware and finishes in your kitchen is one of the simplest ways to make it look stunning. Knobs in brass add an elegant vintage charm, but remember to polish them regularly. Steel decorative hardware works best for a kitchen with steel appliances on display. 

Consider adding modern seating options inside the kitchen space.

The kitchen is the heart of any home, so incorporate some seating inside for friends and family to catch up. You can get creative with the seating options—countertop stools or window-side benches are appealing choices. This also lets you entertain guests as you cook dinner. 

Make long-term sound investment choices.

When it comes to modular kitchens, do not compromise on durability and quality. The best way to make your guests envy your beautiful kitchen, and make it a joy for you to use, is to choose a modular kitchen system that boasts top-notch quality, convenient drawer mechanisms, and multiple storage options.

Try one or more of these simple ways to beautify your kitchen. Not only will all your guests be amazed, you and your family will also love spending time there.