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  • 10 Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

9 Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

Monday, December 10, 2018

Create a kitchen space that is utilitarian, smart and truly Indian.

With most homeowners in India opting for a good-looking and convenient modular kitchen, the cooking area has gotten a contemporary makeover today. However, there is no reason why you cannot add some ‘Indianness’ to it and stay true to your roots.

Here are 9 ways to give your kitchen an Indian twist:
Install decorative lighting.

Good lighting is necessary for decoration and practical purposes. Add an Indian vibe to the kitchen with lamps of different colours, Indian-style patterns and textures. You can also use old bottles or vintage lanterns, fill them with fairy lights and hang them up for a DIY Indian twist. 

Consider going for a colourful backsplash.

Indian designs are infused with colours, and the backsplash of your kitchen is the perfect place to display in this element. Choose a unique backsplash that takes you back to old Indian royalty or one with a texture common in the country. However, if you are going for a vibrant backsplash, keep other tones neutral to prevent it from looking too messy. 

Use traditional textiles.

Textiles in various patterns are a staple in Indian-style décor, so incorporate such pieces in the kitchen for a traditional touch. A block-printed tablecloth, area rugs in Indian patterns (if the space allows for a rug), and hand towels with Indian prints can bring in the traditional factor in a subtle yet beautiful way. You can use old dupattas or sarees with a bright border sewn in for DIY curtains.

Incorporate Indian handicraft accessories.

Decorate Sleek Bling’s open elements with Indian craft items that you may have collected from travels to different states. 

Choose painted storage jars.

Keep a few ceramic or terracotta storage jars in different sizes that are hand-painted by local artisans to add an aesthetic value to your kitchen. A colourful earthen pot to keep drinking water cool also serves as authentic India-inspired décor. 

Display traditional Indian cookware.

Brass utensils, copperware and traditional-style ladles work well as display cookware. If you do not have enough open shelving, attach a few wooden hooks on a wall, and hang these pots and pans for a rustic charm. Keeping drinking water in copper bottles is considered good for health, so you have added reason to invest in such utensils. 

Consider some Indian-style furniture.

Add a few pieces of traditional Indian furniture like small chairs or a table painted with scenes from Indian art or history to bring in an element of grandeur. Sleek’s Artize array of modular units help you add Indian heritage to your kitchen with modular cabinets that have laser-cut Indian Warli art patterns.

Go for a decorative mural.

Bring in some Indian art without compromising on space with a colourful wall mural that features an Indian design. Consider one with a traditional mehendi-inspired design against a blank wall for an instantly appealing look. You can also try wallpapers with Indian patterns.

Install open shelves and racks.

The kitchen has to be a convenient workspace and, given the huge number of spices and condiments used for Indian cooking, it is a good idea to keep them accessible. Consider getting a few trays or Sleek’s wooden multi-purpose holder installed on the countertop, and use these to display spices, oil, or ghee.

These easy-to-follow tips will help add an artistic touch to your modern kitchen without spending much. The possibilities are almost endless; you can always experiment and make your kitchen the perfect blend of Indian style and modern convenience.