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  • Colours To Make Your Kitchen Spacious

Colours To Make Your Kitchen Spacious

Monday, December 10, 2018

Play with different colours to maximise your kitchen space.

If your kitchen is small, you will need to get creative to make it look bigger. Colours offer creative solutions, and have a huge impact on how the room looks and feels.

Here are a few ways to use colours and make the most out of your kitchen space.
Utilise the potential of white to make your kitchen appear bigger.

White is a versatile colour that reflects light and opens up the room to make it appear larger. Using white on your walls, countertops and cabinetry creates a uniform space without any boundaries.

Many people believe that having an all-white kitchen creates cleaning and maintenance problems. With Sleek, you can get a modular kitchen system with white Marine ply waterproof shutters that can be wiped down in a jiffy.

Opt for a monochromatic colour scheme using different shades of white like cream, ivory and eggshell for different elements in your kitchen.

Soft colours and smart contrasts help create the illusion of space.

Soft and bright colours help a room look open and spacious by reflecting light. Shades of yellow like soft banana yellow, creamy yellow or lemon yellow work well in small or cramped up spaces.

You don’t need to stick to one colour to make your kitchen look bigger. Choose two-toned modular kitchens that pair white with brighter colours. Using contrast adds a pop of colour and makes the kitchen appear larger.

Sleek’s Glossy modular kitchen systems feature fully coloured cabinet bodies in the same colour as the open element, integrated handles and base shutters in a classy PU finish. The back-painted glass shutters are almost abuse-proof and easy to maintain. 

Use accents to incorporate colours in your kitchen.

Modular cabinets with laser-cut designs like Sleek’s Artize feature Indian Warli art designs, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Congo patterns or floral vines. These accents help add personality to your kitchen without overwhelming the overall colour scheme.

Store colourful jam jars on a hanging shelf in your kitchen. This will break the monotony of the wall colour and keep ingredients close at hand.

Create an accent wall wherein one kitchen wall is a darker shade than the others. The darker wall helps enlarge the space by creating the illusion of depth. Experiment with a dark colour, but use it strategically on just one wall to make the room look larger.

Paint your walls with low contrast colours.

Ensure that your walls and modular kitchen are in similar colours. Nothing stops you from using different colours to paint the walls but ensure that they belong to the same colour family as the cabinetry. For example, if you have chosen an all-white modular kitchen, you can add a bit of light colour by painting the walls icy blue or sea foam green.

Paint the mouldings and trims in your kitchen off-white or white to create the illusion of depth. 

Use your ceiling and tile colour to make your kitchen larger.

Paint the ceilings in creamy whites, faint yellows or pale blues. These shades ‘open up’ your ceiling and create the illusion of a higher roof.

Install flooring and backsplash tiles in softer colours that reflect more light. Remember, the bigger the tile the better. If you have dark wood flooring, place a light-coloured carpet on it to make your room appear spacious. 

With help from colours and the optical illusions they create, you can make your small cramped kitchen look larger in no time.