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  • Cutting-edge Design Meets Function

Cutting-edge Design Meets Function

Monday, December 10, 2018

Imagine a 4BHK that has enough space for a nuclear family, but the rooms are like white canvases waiting for you to personalise and beautify the space – this is exactly what Ahmedabad’s Hiren Patel Architects had to contend with. Instead of going with the existing layout and leaving a room open for guests, Patel transformed that room into a brand new cosy living area perfect for spending quality time with your family.

By squeezing together the other rooms to create a connected master suite for the parents and a bedroom for the younger ones, this design ensures that the parents reach their little ones in no time at all. Generally, Indian homes have a kitchen that is closed off to the other rooms. However, today the kitchen is not just a space to cook in, it is also a place to bond over cups of coffee, a study-room for the kids, and the party central of your home. This redesigned kitchen space makes full use of the open element, and connects with the dining room and living area creating a sense of cohesion and harmony in the home.

Another interesting design element is the large verandah with an outdoor flooring pallet that’s serves as a central focal point for all the rooms. If you’ve ever wondered what you could do with a smallish alcove in your home, this video will give you a couple of options. By using pivoting bookcases, the alcove library turns into an open space to set up the perfect dinner party. This is an example of smart interior designing and multi-faceted furniture at its best. The addition of original art pieces created by Indian artists adds a classy and sophisticated element to the home, as does the locally-fashioned wooden furniture.

Patel started a small firm almost three decades ago, and today, this versatile architect helps transform run-of-the-mill houses into warm and welcoming homes.


Architect Hiren Patel has been practicing since 1989. HPA or Hiren Patel Architects is based out of Ahmedabad, and specialises in end-to-end home designing with a talented pool of planners, engineers, landscape designers, artists, and interior designers on board.