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While designing kitchen furniture, it is important to keep the never-ending clutter in mind if you hope to keep it out of sight. In a modular kitchen in India, what you need is a sleek and ergonomically sound space that offers smart storage solutions, concealed spaces, and colours that are versatile enough to blend in with the rest of your home design aesthetic and colour choices.

Sleek Stylus features a minimalistic design that captures the European flair of western kitchen designs. The timeless beauty of Stylus modular kitchens lies in the attention paid to the smallest of details. Along with backless base cabinets for easy cleaning, Stylus offers cabinet frames with front edge banding that perfectly matches the colour and finish of the shutters. The PU shutters are inclined so that there is no need for bulky handles poking out from the doors in an unsightly manner.

The cabinets on the top are fitted with single top-lift shutters that cover two cabinets, thereby, creating a concealed space for appliances and a streamlined uncluttered look for your kitchen. Fitted with imported soft-closing drawers and electronic lift-up systems, and best-in-class European appliances, Sleek Stylus boasts a minimalistic European kitchen design that features the durable strength of wood veneer and the soft sheen of PU.



Sleek look

Sleek look

Inclined PU gloss base shutters with flat handles for a smooth finish

Colour harmonisation

Colour harmonisation

White Nova Pro drawers with veneer sides that match the outside

Backless base cabinets

Backless cabinets

Backless base cabinets that are easy to clean



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