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  • 8 Ways To Re-organise Your Kitchen

8 Ways To Re-organise Your Kitchen

Monday, December 10, 2018

Re-organising your kitchen to make it more efficient need not be a difficult task - here are a few tricks to organise your space and keep it that way.

You love your kitchen, but hate the chaotic mess. An unorganised space makes your modular kitchen look terrible. According to a research paper published in the Environment and Behaviour Journal, a messy kitchen leads to overeating and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Use these tips to re-organise and maintain your kitchen:
Utilise the sides of the refrigerator.

Hang spoons, measuring cups, knives, etc., with strategically placed stick-on hooks or magnets on the empty sides of your refrigerator. Use magnetic spice racks on the sides to keep frequently-used ingredients handy sans the clutter. 

Use the wasted space between the ceiling and upper cabinets.

Customise your modular kitchen cabinets to go all the way up to the ceiling for maximum space utilisation. Add big yet elegant storage boxes to stash stuff that you hardly use in open cabinets. Colourful bins add a stylish touch, and wired baskets allow you to see what is stored up there without having to pull them down. 

Keep plastic bags organised neatly inside tissue boxes.

Every Indian home has one huge plastic bag that contains tons of other bags! Instead of keeping that eyesore around, use empty tissue boxes to roll up and store plastic bags. You can also keep small rags and garbage bags in such boxes, and pull out one when needed. 

Clear out the refrigerator regularly.

Putting off dealing with old food containers in the refrigerator is a messy affair, and it may lead to the contamination of other foods too. Use or discard leftovers, look at bottle labels to see if they are past their expiration dates, and clean the shelves weekly. 

Clean up one drawer at a time.

Just thinking of a monumental cleaning task is likely to get you tired! Consider tackling one drawer or one cabinet at a time – it will eventually add up to a completely clean kitchen.

Plan your shopping according to what you really need.

Most people end up buying replenishments much before they are really needed, which leads to duplicates and clutter. If this sounds familiar, make a habit of checking exactly what you need before heading to the store. Stick a magnetic to-buy list on the refrigerator door so you can add to it throughout the week.

Designate an appliance drawer.

Customise your modular kitchen shelves to conceal regularly used appliances like the microwave. Instead of letting smaller appliances like mixers, food processors, toasters, coffee makers, etc., use up precious counter space, just put them away in a drawer set aside for appliances. 

Start a daily maintenance routine.

Postponing tasks like tidying up the countertop, emptying the dishwasher, puttingutensils back in place, wiping down kitchen tiles, etc., only means that work will get piled up. Create a daily decluttering routine to finish before you go to bed. Waking up to a clean and tidy kitchen is the perfect start to a new day.

Make your eating space a clean and happy one by following these simple tips. Getting things done immediately is the key, so don’t procrastinate and start organising!