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  • 5 Tips To Throw A Great Dinner Party

5 Tips To Throw A Great Dinner Party

Monday, December 10, 2018

Throw a dinner party that will make your guests envy your kitchen and hosting skills.

Hosting a dinner party that hits the mark is easier said than done. You have to make sure that the house is clean, the table is set right, and the food tastes like Chef Sanjeev Kapoor stopped by! The list is quite long, but you don’t have to be stressed out about it. Perhaps the most important aspect of throwing the perfect dinner party is being a calm and fun host/hostess. Being relaxed is easy if you’ve planned your dinner party well, and these tips will help you get there.

These tips will help you plan the perfect dinner party:
Don’t skimp on prep time.

Excusing yourself to get tasks done during a dinner party drives up the stress quotient. If you are constantly worried about dirty dishes or selecting songs to play, you won’t be having any fun! The solution is to prepare in advance – empty the dishwasher so you can dump used utensils in it as you go, make sure the food is ready to serve, the kitchen is tidied up (you won’t believe how many people walk into the kitchen just to have a look during a house party!), and create multiple playlists to match the guests’ mood.

Create the perfect ambience.

What makes a nice dinner party truly memorable? Guests and great food are important, but the devil is in the details – create a warm and welcoming ambience, and you’ve got a memorable evening ahead.

The first step is to decide which room will be party central. Every good party ends up in the kitchen because guests tend to follow the host. Declutter the countertop, move the kitchen island to another room to make space, and create a classy ambience with warm lighting.

Having an accent wall makes for a sophisticated backdrop. The cosy pastel hues and European styling of Aristo modular kitchens create an effortlessly chic party background. You will have guests snapping selfies against latticed glass shutters in no time!

Choose the right lighting options – candles, tea lights or string lights create an intimate setting. 

Set the table right.

Are you having a casual get-together with friends or a formal party for office colleagues? For formal parties, it is best to stick to a neutral colour scheme for crockery vessels and table linen. Let your quirky show during casual bashes with mix-and-match dinner plates and crockery. Don’t forget to lay out the table cloth, runner, placemats and napkins – you could even fold the napkins into creative shapes like swans or roses! Lastly, you need a centrepiece – a simple short vase with colourful flowers or a bowl with sweets will do. 

Choose your serving style.

You could pass dishes around the table or serve directly onto plates – but that might be messy and result in food wastage (a risk you run if guests are not allowed to pick what they want to eat).

 If you are having a kitchen dinner party, set up a buffet on the countertop but make sure the surface looks clean and presentable. For example, Caesar stone countertops like those used in Aristo kitchens provide a uniformly designed, stain-resistant surface, which makes wiping it down easy. Made of quartz and pigment, these tops are durable and maintenance-free, and they match the 5-piece hand-crafted veneer shutters to perfection – the result is a wholesome and elegant serving station.

Serve at least three courses – starters, main course and desserts!

Starters tell the guests to enjoy drinks while they munch on something before the big guns (main course) rolls out. Whether you serve store-brought or homemade desserts, they make for a sweet ending, and also signal that it is time to let your hair down, socialise or dance for a bit. Pick delicious desi desserts guaranteed to impress your guests or end the meal with some ice cream.

Declutter ahead of time, and use your kitchen appliances to save time and make the dinner party easier. Remember, the host’s mood sets the tone for the evening – so plan in advance, smile and get ready to throw the dinner party of the year!