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  • Bold And Classy Kitchen Colour Palettes

Bold And Classy Kitchen Colour Palettes

Monday, December 10, 2018

Bring some energy into your modern kitchen with the right choice of bold and bright colour combinations.

Bold and bright colours do not make it to most lists when it comes to choosing the right shades for your home interiors. Unlike neutral shades, bold colours like red or all-white do not melt into the background – they stand out and make their presence felt. It is a misplaced assumption that bright blues and reds are best left for kids’ playrooms or nursery areas. With the proper shade and a complementary palette, bold colours can look fetching and classy in a modern home. Nowhere is this more applicable than in a modern modular kitchen. The counter-tops and cabinets offer multiple surfaces where you can mix and match colours to get that ideal look and feel. You can either opt for a single dominant colour or a more balanced two-tone finish. Lighter colours can help make a room look brighter and bigger even without too much natural light. If the rest of your home boasts of a contemporary design, a traditional kitchen with wooden finishes and earthy colours may look out of place. Unless you want to fashion your kitchen as an oasis that is far removed from the rest of your house, continuing with one seamless theme is a better idea.

Here is a short guide to impressive colour combinations:
All-white is a bold, simple and versatile choice.

The clean, energising effect of all-white can have a positive impact on your mind. By taking such a safe and mature colour as your main choice, you are free to experiment with minor colour additions to the kitchen area. 

Make it bright and happy with yellow.

This bright summery colour is perfect for creating a happy and fun kitchen space. If you opt for a yellow colour scheme, you have many shade options – canary or bright, pale or muted, etc. Gloss modular systems by Sleek feature a couple of yellow shades – Yellow Tulip and Burnt Yellowstone that work well with light and dark colour palettes. The glorious glass and PU finish shutters create a glossy exterior that is lively and sleek. Yellow is also an ideal option to make a small kitchen feel bigger.

Ideal combination: Pair yellow with shades of white, brown or charcoal grey to balance out a traditional kitchen space. 

Bring the colour of the sea and sky to your home.

Another bright and cheerful colour, blue has an uplifting effect on the mind, similar to yellow. Blue is more versatile though, with a veritable ocean of shades ranging from a very bright turquoise to the very subdued teal.

Ideal combination: White, shades of beige, yellow

A glossy red is one of the boldest colours you can pick.

Red works in a kitchen space because it exudes warmth and energy in equal measure. Just remember to temper it with a suitable neutral shade. If you have an all-red kitchen with Glossy's glorious glass shutters, the modular system is the attention grabber so keep the accessorising and decoration to a bare minimum.

Ideal combination: Black and white, light blue.

Bold purples need to be balanced.

When opting for a bold purple for a kitchen, the key is restraint. A generous splash of neutral or subdued shades is essential to complete the palette.

Ideal combination: Metallic greys, silver, wood finishes.

Add a touch of earthy warmth with brown.

There are numerous shades of brown to play with, from hardwood to a bolder tan, or something subdued like the Glossy offering, Cappuccino.

Ideal combination: White with bright shades like green or blue; warmer colours like red and coral work well with brown.

Green is a refreshing choice for a nature-inspired kitchen.

In its lighter lime shades, green is best used with neutral whites. Darker shades like olive work well with warmer reds or browns.

Ideal combination: White, brown, beige.  

Beige is the best buffer for a bold colour palette.

If you want to incorporate bolder shades in your kitchen area without going overboard, add a liberal splash of mature and classy beige to the equation.

Ideal combination: Red, black, blue, or green.

Bold shades can work wonders for your kitchen area. With multiple surfaces to work with, you can easily mix and match bolder shades with more neutral ones to get that ideal look for your kitchen. Ensure that the handles you pick for modular kitchen cabinets are in a complementary colour or integrated to create a sophisticated look like Glossy shutters.