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  • Sleek And Minimal Kitchen Storage Ideas

Sleek And Minimal Kitchen Storage Ideas

Monday, December 10, 2018

Finding a balance between optimal storage and sleek design need not be difficult – here are a few tips to get you started.

The kitchen is often the most congested area in any home. Utensils, knives, spoons, cooking and food processing equipment, as well as numerous ingredients in jars and bottles of all sizes and shapes clutter every work surface, shelf, and cabinet. Minimalism is a design philosophy that can be useful in avoiding this chaos. In simple terms, it is about removing all but the most essential features in a space – making it the perfect choice for a room where the potential for clutter is huge. Smart storage solutions help remove visible clutter created by tools, utensils and appliances.

These three storage ideas can be implemented to give your kitchen a sleek look:
Conceal appliances behind shutters.

Appliances come in all sizes. With proper planning, you can allocate enough space for discreet drawers to store all kitchen appliances out of sight behind retractable shutters. For example, Stylus modular kitchens have single top-lift shutters covering two cabinets, which creates a neat and clean look on the outside while concealing appliances and other items on the inside.

Keep clutter hidden behind uniformly coloured closed cabinets.

Open shelves/transparent cabinets can be great visually, but they do not serve much purpose in a minimalist kitchen. Instead of open cabinets that need to be constantly tidied, opt for closed cabinets in a uniform, non-distracting colour for a sleek look.

An all-white kitchen nails this brief while also making your small kitchen look larger.  Stylus cabinets have veneer sides that match the veneer gola profile outside in shades of ivory, white and cappuccino. In addition, they feature inclined PU shutters, which means no unsightly handles poking out of the cabinets!

Maximise storage in your minimal kitchen with taller cabinets and versatile drawers.

While sleek and tall cabinets that extend to the ceiling can handle a significant amount of storage in your modular kitchen, drawers are your go-to storage option for frequently used utensils, tools and ingredients. These are a few versatile options you can try:

·         Use cutlery drawer organisers.

·         Add a pull-out pantry.

·         Keep plates, pots and pans out of the way with dedicated holders.

·         Install corner drawers to save storage space.

·         Make use of under-sink storage space to keep your kitchen clean and uncluttered.

A minimalist kitchen can help create a pleasing yet functional work area with space for the whole family. Eschewing bright and bold colour palettes for a simpler, muted look, it is versatile enough to blend in with a wide range of interior design choices.