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  • How Kitchen Colours Affect Your Mood

How Kitchen Colours Affect Your Mood

Monday, December 10, 2018

Colours affect the state of your mind and body. Pick kitchen colours that can have maximum positive impact on your wellbeing.

The colours you select for your home are of vital importance. It's not just about aesthetics and personality - the choice of paint for your walls, colour of your modular kitchen cabinetry, accessories and flooring can make or break the ambience of your kitchen.

From improving your mood to digestion, your kitchen’s colours affect all parts of your life.
Red is considered stimulating and passionate.

There’s a reason why red is universally considered the colour of love and passion. It has a vitality that adds excitement and pizazz to any room. It’s also the colour of the root chakra/mooldhara. It is believed that if your root chakra is balanced, you feel energetic and self-confident. This is a particularly good colour for the kitchen because it works to stave off constipation by boosting digestive functions and improving your appetite.

Tip: Add accessories like pots and wall hangings in red, or go the whole hog with bold red modular kitchen cabinetry. Sleek Glossy kitchens feature a bold and classy shade of red. The colour is uniform throughout the kitchen with cabinets, shutters, and the open element finished with the same shade.

Orange is an attention-grabber; use it well.

Brighter than red, orange is also a happy and revitalising colour. This warm shade is known to stimulate the second/sacral chakra connected to pleasure, creativity and fun. Though it stimulates appetite, too much orange might seem overpowering to some.

Tip: Rein in this colour and use it in the form of an accent wall, backsplash or sconce lights.

Yellow makes your kitchen a happy, welcoming, and hopeful place.

The colour of ‘sunshine, daisies, and butter mellow’ lends a touch of happiness to any space. Scientific studies show that looking at yellow makes the human brain release a dose of serotonin, a natural mood stabiliser. Known to stimulate the third/solar plexus chakra, yellow is believed to boost the functioning of the liver and endocrine systems in our bodies.

Tip: A bright yellow backsplash may just be the pick-me-up your kitchen needs. For a contemporary, more vital look, pick bold yellows with glass accents. For example, Glossy kitchen systems in shades of Yellow Tulip or Burnt Yellowstone look livelier owing to their glorious glass and shiny PU finish shutters. 

Add living energy to your kitchen with green.

The colour of the heart chakra, green is also known to promote healing, emotional stability and balance. While yellow is the colour of summer, green brings spring and the growth of new leaves to mind. It helps to create a peaceful and calming kitchen space. 

Tip: A lush green counter or table top in a white kitchen can add just the right amount of life to the space. You can also consider adding plants and herbs to infuse this colour in your kitchen.

Purple lends an understated elegance and royalty.

Not many people choose purple for their kitchen. While deep and rich purple can be overwhelming in a mid-sized kitchen, a mix of lavender and white can make your space grand and sophisticated. Lighter shades of purple like lavender and lilac create a soothing ambience.

Tip: Choose a tinted lavender with a touch of pink to make the undertone more inviting. Lavender pairs well with bright yellow, muted green or white accessories. Glossy kitchens feature a unique shade of Lavender Blush. Since wall shutters are made of back-painted glorious glass, these kitchens have a glossy, vibrant finish.

We have an innate response to different colours – red makes our heart beat faster, yellow drives the gloom away, etc. Know how colours impact emotions and choose bold and classy colours that are absolutely right for your favourite room.