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  • 10 Artistic Kitchen Design Ideas

10 Artistic Kitchen Design Ideas

Monday, December 10, 2018

Decorating your kitchen need not be a challenge – these simple changes can spruce up your kitchen with an artistic edge in no time.

Cooking and eating at home form a major part of the Indian lifestyle. Making the kitchen a space that encourages fun and creativity will make every family member want to work in it.

You can give your kitchen an artistic touch with these 10 easy ideas:
Experiment with different patterns.

Adding a striking pattern to one area of a modular kitchen is an effective and pocket-friendly way of sprucing it up. Pick one that matches your taste and kitchen style, and you can instantly uplift the look. Try colourful patterns on only one wall rather than the entire kitchen to make a stylish statement. 

Consider various shapes.

Using shapes to introduce an element of art is a clever way of making the kitchen more beautiful. Display objects in various shapes to balance the usual rectangles and squares of countertops and the island area. 

Display art.

A simple way of giving an artsy vibe to any kitchen is to hang a few beautiful works of art on the walls. If you do not have enough wall space, place one on top of a shelf. 

Go for a mosaic backsplash.

The backsplash in your modular kitchen serves as an excellent area to bring in an interesting dimension, so consider going for one with a beautiful mosaic over a traditional plain one. Choose a colour and pattern that complements the tone of your kitchen to make it look remarkable. 

Install tiles in unusual patterns.

Kitchen tiles do not have to be just white ones laid out in square shapes. There are plenty of interesting shapes and patterns available today, so pick a fun, elegant one to add an interesting twist to your cooking space. Diamond-shaped geometric patterns and herringbone designs are some unique options.

Choose coloured cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets in a dark shade like grey, navy or even red work well against a pristine white or ivory background—bringing in a hint of modern art into a modular kitchen. You can also go for a few painted patterns on cabinet doors. Sleek’s Artize modular systems feature exquisite laser-cut designs of Indian Warli art, Egyptian hieroglyphics, or Congo patterns on cabinet shutters, which add a touch of artistic heritage to your kitchen.

Use the cabinets for display.

Upper cabinets with stained-glass doors or open shelves make a beautiful platform to display your collection of bowls, teapots, spice jars and small souvenirs gathered during travels. You can also add a few potted herbs for added charm. 

Introduce some colourful glassware.

You do not need to repaint walls to add an artistic touch to a modular kitchen. Simply adding a few vibrant pieces or colourful glassware showcased in the right places can create that effect. Sleek’s under-cabinet Glass Holder allows you to showcase wine glasses elegantly.

Add a bold backsplash.

Another way of using the backsplash to make your kitchen artistic and fun is to choose a bold, vibrant colour or pattern. Neon and electric reds are excellent options when paired with simple white countertops and cabinets.

Make the lighting work for the space.

The best way to brighten up any kitchen is to achieve the right mix of natural and artificial lighting. Consider large windows and ventilation to make the space airy and bright, and complement them with ambient lighting at strategic places, such as under the cabinets and inside drawers.

You can easily refurbish your kitchen without causing a dent in your pocket. These unique ideas can help you create an artistic and welcoming area.