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Modern kitchens are not hidden from view – the design of the modular kitchen facilitates flaunting and showing it off. The kitchen has become the place where guests congregate, and the hosts entertain. By incorporating design ideas and elements from around the globe into Indian kitchen design, a Sleek modular kitchen in India offers you the best of all worlds. 

The elegant and classic style of English kitchens is unparalleled. From the delicate pastel shades of the shutters to wooden lattice designs that transform your kitchen into an authentic English rose trellis, there is so much to appreciate about the evergreen English kitchen. However, the best modular kitchen is not just about the looks, it is also about tech-savvy functionality and optimal storage. Sleek Aristo design of modular kitchen in India features all of this and more. 

Take the quintessential English look home, and know that under the latticed shutters and inside the pastel-hued drawers lies a competent modular kitchen base that is smart, savvy, and fully-equipped. What’s more is that Sleek Aristo is fully customisable so you can make it as exclusive and personalised as you would like your kitchen to be. Add a touch of traditional English charm to your modern modular kitchen in India.



Hand-crafted design

Hand-crafted design

Exquisite hand-crafted 5 piece veneer shutters

Modern English charm

Modern English charm

Classy English pastels, dual coloured and an open-grained Patina effect

Design synchrony

Design synchrony

Wooden handles with veneer stains that match the accompanying shutters



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