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  • 5 Tips To Boost Vastu In Your Kitchen

5 Tips To Boost Vastu In Your Kitchen

Monday, December 10, 2018

Boost the positive vibes in your modular kitchen by following these simple Vastu tips.

When you cook for your loved ones, the most important criteria are their health and wellbeing. You use the food you cook as a means to entice the little ones to have one more bite, and to offer the comfort of a warm, home-cooked meal to those you love. This makes the kitchen the most important room in the house—it is where your love becomes tangible. Taking care of your kitchen, getting the best modular units, and making it Vastu-compliant are a few ways of giving the kitchen its due. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture and its effects on energy. It works on the principle that certain geometric patterns, spatial arrangements, and layouts can be used to transform negative energy into positive vibes. Why should your modular kitchen be Vastu-compliant? The kitchen is where most of the productive work is done. As such, kitchens are always loud and bustling with activity. Vastu boosts this energy to create a vibrant atmosphere that is warm, comforting, and uplifting.

Here's what you can do within your home to make sure that your modular kitchen follows the principles of Vastu.
The location of your kitchen can boost success and prosperity.

According to Vastu Shastra, your kitchen should be in the south-eastern part of your home. This could bring success, peace, and prosperity to family members. If you live in a stand-alone house, make sure that your kitchen is not in the room below or above the bedroom, toilet, or any prayer room. This would reduce the levels of love and peace within your family. 

Having your kitchen in the north or north-eastern part of the house may adversely affect your family’s career prospects. The next best location for the kitchen is the north-western part of your home. Ensure that your kitchen does not face the main door of your house. 

Place your stove/cooking range right for good health.

According to Vastu, the element of fire thrives in the south-eastern direction. Therefore, it is a good idea to design or assemble your modular kitchen such that your stove or cooking range is in the south-eastern direction. This bestows good health to all your family members. It also ensures that you will be facing the direction of the rising sun while cooking. This is believed to bring prosperity and peace.

Keep your stove or hobs a few inches away from the wall so that it is not visible from outside. If you have an L-shaped modular kitchen platform, place it near the south wall. You can keep your day-to-day appliances such as the mixer-grinder, microwave, oven, etc., on this platform, as the direction is an auspicious one.

Your kitchen sink should be far from the stove.

Another thing to remember is that your cooking range should not be placed next to any taps, as the elements of fire and water repel each other. It is best to have the sink placed in the far end of the space towards the north-east. Similarly, other instruments that hold water - like filters, pots, and vessels - should be kept in the north-eastern or northern side of the kitchen. 

Ensure free flow of air from your doors and windows.

As per Vastu, it is preferable that your kitchen door is not stuck in a corner. When it comes to ventilation, Vastu works to bring you closer to Nature—a free flow of breeze is highly encouraged. Try to have your windows facing the north-east, north, or east directions. Ensure that they are left open, allowing a positive flow of energy to sweep through your home.

Choose the right colours for your modular kitchen and walls.

While white is the most preferred option when it comes to your modular kitchen cabinets, you can experiment with other colours too. Gloss by Sleek offers unmatched sophistication with fully-coloured cabinet bodies in the same colour as the open element. This modular kitchen also has integrated cabinet handles and elegant glass shutters that are resistant to scratches. You can choose a modular kitchen in Vastu-complaint shades of rose, yellow, orange and red.

Other important Vastu tips for your modular kitchen

• Everyday essentials like grains, spices, pulses, packed products, etc., should be placed either in the southern or western direction.

• Utensils that are light in weight can be placed in the eastern or northern direction of a modular kitchen.

• Place the kitchen dining table in the north-western or western direction.

Follow these Vastu tips while setting up your modular kitchen; it will help you achieve a balance of energies in your home. Make your kitchen the happiest room in the house!