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  • Use The Open Element In Your Kitchen

Use The Open Element In Your Kitchen

Monday, December 10, 2018

Learn how to modify the open spaces in your kitchen to make it more appealing in no time.

The idea of a breezy modular kitchen with lots of sunshine and fresh air appeals to just about everyone. But space or budget restrictions may be keeping you from getting that dream kitchen.

All kitchens have some open element you can work on, with these simple tricks.
Add modular shelving.

Style the open space with floating modular shelves that are elegant and utilitarian. Mix and match colours and styles; you can also try shelves in different materials and sizes for a bold, eccentric effect.

Suspend open shelves from the ceiling.

One often-ignored open space in kitchens is the vertical area. With hanging shelves, you have the same functionality as wall-mounted shelves, only in a more creative and stylish way. Sleek’s Midway Accessories offer sophisticated, chrome-finished, hanging, multi-purpose cutlery and chopping board holders, and table-mounted holders for cleaning products, plates and bowls. 

Cookbooks belong in the kitchen.

To keep finding inspiration and improve your open space décor, organise your cookbooks on an open shelf. Not only will the books be within reach, but the different bindings will add colour in a subtle yet appealing way. 

Explore new colour combinations.

Try to find a theme so that your décor is in keeping with a particular style. Colours that go well together can make your kitchen prettier, even when you mix shades. Use the spines of cookbooks, crockery, and edibles like fresh vegetables and fruit to add a touch of themed sophistication to the open space. 

Weave in some natural warmth.

Natural materials like wood can make the space warmer and inviting, so consider adding wooden baskets, bowls or beautiful decorative pieces to style the open area in your modular kitchen. Sleek’s matt laminate shutters in wood grain, and solid wood shutters in oak teak and brick wood are perfect for those who want that natural woody finish for their modular kitchen cabinets.

Make use of attractive storage containers.

Decorate kitchen walls and other open spaces with elegant containers and jars that keep often-required ingredients accessible while also adding a graceful touch. Displaying even mundane ingredients like rice, flour and spices in beautiful jars can help revamp your kitchen area. 

Take advantage of unused space.

Install small corner shelves and decorate them with potted herbs or small figurines to give them a natural, artsy look. 

Create separate stations.

Sleek’s Bling modular kitchen features an elegant open element with shelves made of slender MDF and chamfered edges. You can use these open spaces to make different sections for specific purposes. For example, keep the coffee maker just below the shelf where you keep the coffee mugs; not only is everything organised, but your open space gets utilised in a sophisticated way. 

Be judicious while decorating.

It is fun to decorate open areas in your kitchen and add your unique touch to them. However, you do not need to display everything in the kitchen. Ensure that everything is well-balanced, and the kitchen still looks inviting and airy. With Sleek’s Bling systems, decoration is already taken care of. Bling features handles that are colour-matched with the open element for complete design harmony.

With just a bit of creativity, you can make the kitchen’s open element work to your advantage. Giving it the right balance of functionality and visual appeal is the key, while also ensuring that you do not add too many elements and cramp up the space.