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  • Happy Customers - Mr Roshan Abbas

Happy Customers - Mr Roshan Abbas

Monday, December 10, 2018

A man who dons many hats - Mumbai based Roshan Abbas is a well-known Radio Jockey, actor, anchor, emcee, event manager, writer, and director. He bought a Sleek kitchen in 2015. Here is what he has to say about his kitchen.


I was very impressed by the services provided by Sleek from the outset – right from how designers visualized and demonstrated the kitchen, the attention they paid to the minutest of details, the way in which they took us through all the designs and finishes, to the professionalism with the kitchen was installed. The designer gave us a timeline and stuck to it which made things so convenient. The process was smooth and we did not have to intervene at any stage. Small things – such as illuminated cupboards that are a boon in the dark – showed the thought and care that went into the kitchen. And these things still delight us when we step into the kitchen.

We were particularly happy with the way in which the designer understood our need to personalize the kitchen space; she got our aesthetic and functional requirements perfectly. Being an ardent cook, I am particularly finicky about all the appliances being in place. High functioning, well placed appliances are essential for a good cooking experience and I can safely say that the Sleek appliances I have installed – the oven, the microwave, the hob – provide that experience.

Sleek meets both ends of the spectrum – it is elegant, and a right spend for the value you get. My kitchen looks amazing and functions very smoothly; it has given me more than what an imported kitchen would have given me at a much lower price. Cooking in this kitchen is such a pleasure with its ease and convenience. My daughter has started baking a lot lately and she vouches for this kitchen, as does my wife, who has of late started spending more time here. As a testament to how happy we are with this kitchen, we were recently looking at refurbishing other parts of the house and our first thought was to check whether Sleek dealt in that category! This kitchen truly occupies a place of pride in my home.