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How Pricing works in Modular Kitchens

understanding Modular kitchen price at SleekWorld

Looking and having a little better than others is human psychology. We all want to look good, wear well and live good. Similarly we also want our homes to be eye-catching because the place where we live mostly reflects our personality. It is the place where each and every curve should have the core of comfort, elegance and faultlessness and we take sufficient care about the fact that our houses look refined, fit to be seen and be the centre of appeal to the beholder’s eyes and therefore we become very cautious while choosing the furniture, tiles, showpieces and decorative, we pick them very watchfully keeping in mind which would suit the interiors of our abode. In this era modular kitchens have contributed a lot in adding up to the beauty of Indian houses.

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Redefining your Modular Kitchen

Designing a functional kitchen from scratch isn’t an easy job. However, those who can go through the ordeal it can add a great sense of ease, convenience and value to your lifestyle. Kitchen renovation can be an amazing way to beef up your cooking space and make it precisely perfect to suit your cooking needs. However, kitchen renovation is also the time when homeowners seem to add to the room’s carbon footprint by adding new appliances. Here are some tips we have gathered from experts that should help you in redefining your kitchen.

1. Focus on the needs for storage

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Kitchen Interior Design with Marsala

Kitchen Interior design with Pantone’s color of  the year

Pantone has declared “Marsala” as the color. According to DezignUp, this hue is the second most demanded shade after ‘Emerald Green’ that was the color for the year 2013. The term ‘Marsala’ is derived from the ‘Marsala wine’ that is produced in Italy. Opinions are being given that this color has dual characteristic, on one hand where it can be sensuous and bright; there on the other hand it can also become very grounded and subtle. It has both glossy as well as delicate textures that can make anyone fall in love with it. Marsala can be both sophisticated as well grounded at the same time that has made it an apple of everyone’s eyes and it is love and appreciated by all.

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Modular Kitchen Cleaning & Maintenance

Kitchens have always been the hub of homes. However, this also necessitates that they are properly maintained, kept clean and organized. A less cluttered kitchen space will not just keep your food hygienic and safe but also make it easier to work around. Modular kitchens in this respect add a lot of versatility to the space. It is needless to say that modular kitchen designs increasing the budgets of building a kitchen as compared to traditional cooking spaces. However, the benefits they provide are synonymous to the convenient living standards we try to achieve today. Most homeowners are too busy in their life and modular kitchens are the only way to make it easier to keep the “hub of the home” in proper shape.

If you too own a modular kitchen, here are some tips that will make it easier to maintain it.

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kitchen baskets to organize your Kitchen

Modular Kitchen Baskets

Modular kitchens are all about making our lives more organized. However, when it comes to an Indian kitchen, keeping and having everything in the right place at the right time can be a tricky proposition. There are simply too many things to pay attention to but that’s what modular kitchens should be about, isn’t it? Well, the answer may lie with kitchen baskets and similar kitchen accessories . Baskets in Indian modular kitchens come in several types and have become the go-to option when it comes to storage. The days are gone when homeowners would store all their stocks, including spices and cornflakes in the loft. Baskets don’t just make it easier to store but also provide easy access to things when required.

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10 amazing kitchen design tips to try this Diwali

This Diwali, it may be the time that your kitchen renovation requirements are finally answered. In the mood of the festive season, you might invest in something colorful and quirky. Kitchen renovation can be a lot of fun if the whole family comes together to pour in their ideas. Depending upon your budget, it might range from simple door enhancements, lighting enhancements or a complete remodeling of the kitchen space. Whatever you opt for, Diwali presents the opportunity to spice up your kitchen with the knick knacks that are inexpensive. Here are 10 simple kitchen design tips to add color to the festive season.

1. Going green!

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Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas

Kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops are the place where the real action happens. Everything from cutting, chopping, washing, mixing, kneading and cooking is done on the countertops. It is also the place that houses the sink the entire cooking range. In is obvious conclusion that kitchen countertops take more grinding than any other place in the kitchen. Consequently, they must be made sturdy, shock proof, scratch resistant, heat resistant, and be easy to clean.

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U/C Shaped Kitchen Design in India

designs for modular kitchen

The U-shaped modular kitchen design has become one of the most preferred kitchen designs in Indiathese days. It has taken its place as one of the most admired kitchen layouts for the sophisticated house owners. This modular kitchen design suits larger cooking spaces. It looks beautiful and grand to the eyes of the beholder. It impresses the is also very helpful for the bigger Indian families with 4 to 5 women working in the kitchen. The best part about this kitchen is itsspace; its vast area gives room to bigger and broader cabinets, a separate and big washing space, independent space for the kitchen appliances, maximum bench-top space and also a separate dining space. This is why these kitchens are considered to be the best for big families and also for the families who spend a lot of time in their kitchens.

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