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Kitchen Remodelling With Parallel Kitchen

parallel modular kitchen design

We all want our homes to look attractive because the premises reflect our personality. It is the place where each and every corner should have the essence of comfort, style and perfection. Further, we take extra care about the fact that our homes look good and presentable and be the centre of attraction to the viewer’s eyes. Therefore we become very careful while choosing the furniture, tiles, showpieces and decorative and pick them very carefully keeping in mind which would suit the interior of our abode.

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Want a Long Life of Your Modular Kitchen? Follow These DIY Tips

The concept of modular kitchens has been conceived to offer easier maintenance and making the space much more convenient as opposed to traditional Indian kitchens. These kitchen designs are here to stay and are being adopted by several Indian families. Every new residential project offers a modular kitchen design as a part and parcel of modern living. You might already know that modular kitchens offer a lifetime of service but meanwhile it does require its own set of maintenance. It’s not that you need to hire and expert to increase the durability of your modular kitchen. Here are some DIY tips that have been helping several homeowners make their kitchen spaces longer lasting.

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Know More About Your Kitchen Trolleys

Kitchen Trolley designs

A kitchen trolley is a serving cart that can also be used for cargo space purposes. A kitchen cart has wheels or casters on the bottom so that the motion becomes easier and it can be freely moved from one place to another. Wheels help this cart to move around the kitchen, dining table, to a veranda, backyard etc. In some kitchens the trolley may be more of a movable work piece while in others it is more of a storage cart kept leaned against a wall or even inside the kitchen cupboards, cabinets or pantries. Basically it is of numerous uses and can be serves several purposes, both in and out of the kitchen.

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Design Ideas: Why to choose Straight Kitchens?

Modular Kitchen Design from Sleek

Straight modular kitchens are among the most economical layouts. Perfect for homeowners limited by budget and space, straight kitchens can integrate a minimalist aesthetics while pouring in the décor essence of a gallery shaped or L-shaped kitchen. Straight kitchen designs are also popular in houses that have a second smaller kitchen area for special occasions or irregular purposes. This versatile design of modular kitchens also makes the work space highly functional and efficient. Nowadays, straight modular kitchens can be customized to a wide range of color, texture and finish to meet your goals of décor.

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A Quick Checklist for Planning your Modular Kitchen

There are over thousand homes all across India who prefers modular kitchens these days. The very reason is its efficiency in maintaining a good and clean kitchen space which helps in keeping the adjacent clean and healthy. It also makes cooking easier and there is no dilemma of displacing or loosing things because it (modular kitchens) introduces a very splendid technique of keeping our crockery, utensils and other kitchen usages so that it becomes easier for us to find out which is where while in need. There are many advantages of having a modular kitchen design. The term “Modular” points out the fact that these contemporary kitchens designs are made up of numerous smaller modules that can be operated autonomously but here they are assembled together in order to compliment the entire propose and functionality. Each unit works as a separate cell that offers storage, cooking, washing, cleaning without even touching the things in the other modules. This makes the entire process of kitchen usage very easy and handy for the homemakers.

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Modular kitchen’s Best Color Combinations

Indian kitchen interior design

Making the best color choices for your kitchen can sometimes be intimidating, especially when the paint is attached to a big price tag. When making color choices for kitchens, you must understand that is a rather permanent (floor tiling) and expensive (cabinetry) investment. Consequently, you must come up with the right design choice that does duct add to the décor but also attaches a degree of functionality to it. Here are certain color schemes that are advised by interior designers.

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Reasons Why Modular Kitchen Will Cost You a Penny More!

Beautiful Modular kitchen design

Several homes in India are integrating modular kitchens in their homes. The reasons span from a more efficient kitchen space to creating a healthy environment for cooking. Modular kitchens come with several advantages. However, as opposed to the traditional carpenter made kitchens, modular kitchens are a tad bit expensive. But why are homeowners ready to pay extra? Certainly, modular kitchens present advantages that are worth the extra investment. Here are some reasons why modular kitchens are more expensive:

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The popular L-shaped Modular Kitchen Design You Should Go For

L-shaped modular kitchen designs in India are getting popular across homes. Invariably, they offer great flexibility and décor scheme and are a beautiful integration to modern homes. They are in fact whet we can true say to be multipurpose kitchens. However, one of the best things about L-shaped kitchens is that they come in a variety of sizes and layout schemes. For someone looking to invest in modular kitchen designs, L-shaped kitchens would be a common option, suiting both small and large kitchen spaces. Here are the two popular designs associated with L-shaped kitchens.

1. The conventional L-shaped kitchen

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