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Tips for Planning a Modular Kitchen

Indian homes are fast adopting modular kitchens as they bring in several advantages that the traditional setups lacked. The sleek modular kitchens of today are just not designed to fit individual preferences and needs but also add to the décor and functionality of a kitchen space. In fact, 90% of urban homes in India have a modular kitchen today. Homeowners are investing in units that integrate cabinetry, special units for cutlery, flap doors, bottle pullouts, grain trolleys, chimneys, and many other elements that wouldn’t have been an average choice even a decade ago.

Sleek Modular Kitchens India

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5 Must Have Modular Kitchen Accessories To Suit Your Daily Needs!

Modular kitchen accessories

The size of homes is getting smaller and modern homemakers are at the disadvantage of having less space allocated to their kitchen. However, it is important to understand that the kitchen is also probably one of the most important areas in an Indian home. It’s just not about the food that is cooked but we do spend a lot of time in our kitchen. The limited space consequently has resulted in the emergence of modular kitchen designs.

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Choosing the Best Fitting Kitchen Cabinet

Choosing the right kitchen cabinetry is probably one of the toughest decisions you would make. Kitchen cabinets have a big impact upon the storage functionality, the overall looks of the modular kitchen and your budget for décor. They are also among the first things that anyone would lay their eyes upon when entering a kitchen. Consequently, cabinets will determine the overall ‘feel’ of the room. Depending upon your space and need for storage, modular kitchen cabinets are available in several forms including shakers, flat paneled, aprons, corbels, recessed pulls, glass knobs and other kitchen cabinet accessories.

Kitchen cabinets take up half of the décor budget and anyone would want to make the best decision. A wise homemaker will stay informed about the several differences in materials and constructions and qualities including durability and versatility.

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How To Maintain Your Modular Kitchen

Installing a modular kitchen can elevate the beauty of your home greatly. It transforms the cooking place completely and makes it a center of attraction in the house. It is needless to say that installing these kitchens is quite an expensive matter. The best quality of appliances and products are used in these kitchens for making work convenient and easy.

Now, the most important question that arises is how to maintain your modular kitchen so that it lasts a lifetime. It is obvious that, since expensive materials are used in the making of these kitchens, they need special care and attention. These high-end appliances also have to be maintained regularly so that they remain in good form and provide the best performance.

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Classy Modular Kitchen Design Elements

Latest modular kitchen design

Kitchens are an important part of every household where you don’t just make good food but also spend a lot of time with your family and friends. Accordingly, kitchens should be designed for functionality, convenience and class. More and more Indians are spending money in transforming their kitchen spaces into classy décor that suits the several activities that take place. A popular solution today is a modular kitchen design. Modular kitchens provide a large amount of storage space and though a bit expensive, they are easy to maintain and install. Repair work in modular kitchens can be carried out without affecting other components.

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Family Time in The Kitchen

In the hectic lifestyle that we follow, we hardly get time to talk and interact with our family members. In many families, members do not get to meet each other except on the weekends. It is quite sad to see that these differences are making a great impact on the development of family relationships.

Children in today’s families do not understand the value of family ties and bonds and cannot enjoy that special connection. Efforts have to be made by all the family members so that they can get together at a particular time during the whole day when they can sit and talk to one another and try to bond with each other.

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Best Kitchen Chimneys For Your Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen chimneys are effective in removing fumes, smoke and any odor that is customary of an Indian kitchen. Compared to the exhaust fans of yesteryears, chimneys work faster in sucking out the fumes and smoke immediately from the kitchen space, thereby providing a more convenient atmosphere inside the household.

Modular kitchen chimneys can be broadly divided into two categories: conventional chimneys and the contemporary chimneys. Conventional chimneys are designed completely for practical use while contemporary designs also add to the décor of the kitchen. Consequently, conventional options are perfect for kitchens are purely meant to be efficient, like the restaurant kitchens. However, if you are buying a chimney for personal use, contemporary chimneys also add to the glamour quotient to your modular kitchen.

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Benefits of Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchens have changed the concepts of kitchens completely. If you take a look at any stylishly built modular kitchen, you will find them to be highly attractive and very functional. Various kinds of designs and concepts are available when crafting these kitchens and you can choose the one that is in sync with your house. Working in these kitchens is very comfortable as well as convenient for the entire family.

Needless to say, it takes a lot of time to create a modular kitchen as many small details have to be incorporated into the design. Each module for the kitchen is prepared separately and then they are integrated to form the complete kitchen. Once the whole kitchen is completed, it is guaranteed that you fall in love with this brand new section of your home.

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