Creative under sink storage ideas

The sink is an integral part of the bathroom as well as the kitchen in a home. For the bathroom, the sink is specifically called the basin. Now the common thing between the sink and the basin is that both of them have ample space below, which can be used for effective storage. Since the space is dingy and dark and has weird plumbing things, storing things might be a problem. As a result good amount of space in the kitchen or the bathroom goes wasted.

However, if you apply your innovative and creative skills, you will find that there are many ways in which the area under the sink and basin can be utilized for storing various kinds of things in your modular kitchen:

  • Installing roll-out trays - Even if you have less storage space under the kitchen sink, you can think of installing roll-out trays for storing things. Place different bottles and other things on the trays and you can easily slide them inside the empty space under the sink. To conceal the space, use shutters. And you can install holders on the interiors of the cabinet doors. It is possible to store various things in those holders.

  • Storage baskets for easy organization - Storage baskets are a great means of keeping things under
    the sink in an organized manner. You can put similar things together in the baskets and mark them accordingly. Proper labeling will help in finding the right thing without cluttering the place.

  • Hidden pull out panels below the sink - If you are looking for a space for putting your kitchen sponges and other accessories, install hidden pull-out panels right below the sink. Along with sponges, brushes, dish washing soaps and other flat items can be stored in such panels.

  • Curtain rod for hanging spray bottles - Try and install a curtain rod under the sink area. Spray bottles can be suspended from the curtain rods via the spray triggers. Keeping the bottles on a tray or inside a cabinet will occupy lots of floor space. Hanging them from rods will help in saving lots of space under the sink and other items can be placed there.

  • Shoe organizers for storing various items in the kitchen - Buy a large shoe organizer and cut it into two halves. Place these organizers on individual side of the under sink cabinet. Various small modular kitchen accessories can be stored in these shoe organizers. Scrub brushes, cleaning sponges and other cleaning items can be stored easily in these organizers without occupying much space.

  • Magazine holders for storage - If you are looking to keep chopping boards, cleaning products etc safely in the kitchen, you can easily use magazine holders for the same. Use screws to fasten the magazine holder towards the interiors of the kitchen cupboards. You can keep many things organized in these magazine holders.

These under-sink storage ideas can definitely help in making the kitchen interiors better and more organized. Infact they can create additional space in the kitchen giving more storage options.



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