Top 10 cutlery and pantry storage solutions

All homemakers know the importance of a well-stored pantry. From storing cereals to condiments, from pulses to beverages, from bakery goods to snacks items, the pantry is the storehouse from where food supplies are made. A well organized pantry can help in smooth working in the kitchen as it is easy to find things and use them as and when needed.

Cutleries are needed while cooking as well as while serving and eating food. Many people tend to keep all the cutlery items together creating total chaos and mess. Infact one might hurt oneself if he/she is not careful in handling the cutlery items properly or while working in hurry. This is the reason it is important to keep the cutlery items in an organized manner. A modular kitchen helps in keeping all these things organized and in proper order.

Best storage solutions for the pantry and for cutlery

  1. Roll out shelves for the pantry - With roll-out shelves, it is easier and convenient to keep things organized and to access them easily. Keep items of the same category on each shelf so that you don’t have to look for things in different places.

  2. Shelving in pencil holder style on cabinet door interiors - Did you ever think of utilizing this space as pantry storage? The cabinet door interiors can have pencil holder style storage facility where bottles, jars and cans can be placed without any problems.

  3. Clear and transparent containers - If you need to open every container to find what is inside, it is a time consuming process. Invest in clear and transparent containers so that the ingredients can be seen from outside only. This will create less mess in the organization of the pantry.

  4. Lazy susans offer great pantry storage - If you want to increase pantry storage area as well as boost the kitchen interiors at the same time, install lazy Susans. The greatest advantage of this is that corner spaces can be utilized in the best manner without any space wastage. They are best for organizing jars, cans and other items.

  5. Labeling helps in pantry organization - Instead of searching through containers, it is good if there are labels on them regarding the contents inside. Whether the containers are transparent or otherwise, labeling always helps in every way.

  6. Drawer organizers for cutlery - Placing all cutlery items in one drawer will lead to their mixing up. Invest in drawer organizers as these help in segregating the sections in the drawers efficiently. You can keep the spoons, forks, knives in different sections in the drawer.

  7. Hanging baskets for pantry storage - Such baskets are very useful for storing items like onions potatoes and such vegetables that are needed on daily basis and do not need refrigeration or other kind of storage. Hanging baskets don’t occupy floor space and are good storage options for small spaces.

  8. Combination of shelves, racks and drawers - A well organized pantry will have combination of racks, drawers and shelves so that all kinds of items can be stored properly. Infact a good pantry should also have separate wine racks, shelf dividers etc for convenient storage of various things.

  9. Proper storage of spices - Spices tend to develop lumps when not stored properly. Store them in airtight containers and away from heat and light. For easy sorting, place labels on each spice container.

  10. Using dividers for storage - Dividers are great for increasing storage space in the pantry. You can keep chopping boards, plates and other items in the dividers and save space in the cabinets.

These storage solutions are really helpful for modular kitchen accessories and other items.



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